Syd & Phyllis

21 Foundry Rd, Midland WA 6056, Australia
4.0 / 5 stars
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Bustling and good. Do not prioritise take always.

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  • Syd & Phyllis

    21 Foundry Rd, Midland WA 6056, Australia

  • Crooked Spire

    71 Victoria St, Midland WA 6056, Australia

    Good coffee. Good food. Interesting people and art space. I love the giant metal shark.

  • Little Guilford

    106 Swan Street, Guildford WA 6055, Australia

    Good macchiato too. Traditional.

  • Taylors cafe

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    Great breakfast. Great relaxed coffee.

  • Jezebelles

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    Something is happening in guildford and that something is Jezebelles!

    Macchiato was smooth with a touch of bitterness in the crema. Barista adjusted coffee after discussing with staff that it was a touch over extracted. Excellent!!
    Food is well presen…

  • The Lounge in James

    State Route 51, Guildford WA 6055, Australia

    Post MTB coffee. The cafe is friendly and spacious. Great central communal table. And the coffee is okay too.

  • Hedgehogs

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    Hedgehogs could be considered a diamond in the rough; tucked away on the backstreets of Bassendean. The cafe is very friendly and relaxed, with staff taking the time to learn the names of the customers. All food is made by the cafe and the quality is at…