Beach House Gallery

59 Andy Poole Dr, Tathra NSW 2550, Australia
2.0 / 5 stars
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  • Beach House Gallery

    59 Andy Poole Dr, Tathra NSW 2550, Australia

  • Blend @ Tathra

    37 Andy Poole Drive, Tathra NSW 2550, Australia

    Strangely ‘earthy’ cup of coffee, a nice change from the usual beans i have all the time.
    The poor presentation and ‘slopping’ together was a tad saddening but otherwise a good cup.

  • Cliff Place

    7 Cliff Place, Tathra NSW 2550, Australia

    Cute modern cafè over looking the water.
    Quite decent coffee (minus too much foam) and not a bad breakfast either.
    Would revisit, probably not for just coffee.

  • The Wharf Locavore

    Wharf Road, Tathra NSW 2550, Australia

    This place does great coffee. By far the best result from Ona Coffee that I’ve tasted.
    And it’s so nice sitting here on the old wharf, maybe I don’t have to go home…

  • The Wharf Locavore

    Thompsons Drive, Tathra NSW 2550, Australia

    Amazing creamy cup displayed beautifully with a fantastic balance of foam, coffee strength and temperature.
    My mocha was amazing and the old wharf is beautiful with lots of pretty art to look at.
    Definitely worth a visit or two if you’re in the area. …

  • Nook

    154 Carp St, Bega NSW 2550, Australia

    Once again, superb espresso!

  • Evolve Café

    210 Carp St, Bega New South Wales 2550, Australia

    This would appear to be the place to be in Bega on a Monday morning. The queue extended almost out of the entrance! Most were ordering breakfast food, which smelt enticing. As for my espresso, it was good but not exceptional. Not as rich as you would ex…