Paludan Bogcafé

Fiolstræde 10, Universitetets, 1171 Copenhagen, Denmark
4.5 / 5 stars
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Strongest coffee I’ve had so far in Copenhagen… They key is to order macchiatos I think

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  • Paludan Bogcafé

    Fiolstræde 10, Universitetets, 1171 Copenhagen, Denmark

  • The Living Room

    Larsbjørnsstræde 17, 1454 Copenhagen, Denmark

    Not necessarily spectacular, but consistently good. Get out of the nearby tourist traps to this pleasant cafe. Yummy rugbrød sandwiches and lots of cosy nooks to nestle in.

  • Riccos

    Studiestræde 24, 1455 Copenhagen, Denmark

    Decent Americano; not the fullest of flavour, but no need for sugar here.

  • Café Det Vide Hus

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    I’ll go there for coffee even from the other side of town!

  • Copenhagen Coffee Lab

    Boldhusgade 2-4, 1066 København K, Denmark

    Excellent for Copenhagen. A little weak for Melbourne

  • Sort Kaffe of Vinyl

    Istedgade 4, 1650 Copenhagen, Denmark

    Cool vibe, great coffee. No wifi, but the coffee is well worth returning for.

  • Risreriet

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    First correct temperature coffee I’ve had in this Eurotrip. That’s a big plus. I can’t comment on flavour, I just brushed my teeth