60 Marcus Clarke St, City ACT 2601, Australia
3.5 / 5 stars
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A bustling city café that serves a mainly office-worker crowd, but makes up for it with a beautiful leafy atrium where you can enjoy your coffee.

This morning I was served a delicious double macchiato, with perfect proportions of espresso and milk. Also had a pretty decent ham, cheese and tomato croissant. Psychedeli also have a full cooked breakfast menu if you’re after something more substantial.

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    60 Marcus Clarke St, City ACT 2601, Australia

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    Since Remi has come under new management the food, service, and most of the coffee has improved tremendously. I recommend everyone go and try it.

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    This feels like any other run of the mill office café, but I was greeted with a smile and served an entirely decent art-topped double macchiato (including a query from the barista as to how I would like it). You can do a lot worse than that.

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    A bit burnt was the coffee here. May have been an off day so will try again.

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    Office building café with an Italian-themed menu, which they pursue with gusto: the waiter went so far as to present our meals along with their description in Italian. This was ultimately confusing and didn’t make up for their over-priced (but otherwise…

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