Claude’s Cafe

2 Hubert St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 4 reviews.
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Claude’s has closed and replaced with the Orange Poppy Cafe. Yet to try it but will post a review when I do.

Lovely quiet suburban café. Good coffee and a short but tasty menu.

The coffee here tastes really good. Nice cafe and good atmosphere.

Rod from Revolver put me onto this place when I lamented the lack of great cafes in Leichhardt. Apparently I just hadn’t noticed this had replaced the old cafe here…

It’s fairly new, does great coffee with a smile and a Gallic touch, so the food is excellent. My omelette was fantastic, but the milk in my strong latte was a tad too hot even after I let it sit for a while. Tasted good otherwise though.

Don’t forget to bring cash like I did as they don’t take cards (yet), and check out the CC burger it is absolutely incredible!

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  • Claude’s Cafe

    2 Hubert St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia

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    My local bike shop is great for my bikey bits and pieces, and they do tasty coffee to boot.

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    I agree with the first review… Excellent coffee, I especially like the signs inside that say “no soy, no skim, no lite milk” and “cash only”, they’re the ‘soup nazi’ of the coffee world and only make coffee how it should be made, they deserve respect …

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    Other reviewers aren’t exaggerating. The machine is epic, the coffee is devine and the muffins delicious.

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    Loved my strong latte, velvety milk, great foam and beautiful caramel coffee flavours cutting through the milk. Locale beans are from Melbourne and my long black was not quite as amazing but still good.

    Great place to come and work with a laptop (wifi …

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    Had a great double mac at this cute little local café on a quiet Sunday morning. Warm wood interior, few tables out the front and friendly staff.

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    Below average double espresso: watery and over-extracted. I wonder why this place is as busy as it is.