A Minor Place

103 Albion St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 8 reviews.
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Tops. Lovely semi-suburban feel coupled with good food and tasty coffee.

I get coffee from this place at least once a week and it’s consistently good. Usually a long mac and they make it just how I like it. Staff are friendly and hardworking. The food here is awesome too.

Quite a nice strong latte and great food.

If you like waiters with too much hipster attitude to actually be friendly, then get on your single speed bike and join all the other individuals here. I prefer hanging out somewhere that’s actually cool, not trying to be.

Such good food. Good location too in between lygon and Sydney rd. Great coffee rounds it off

A quiet, unsuspecting place well worth the short walk from Sydney Rd.

Try the Brazilian Breakfast if you’re looking for a tasty brunch.

Well worth the trip off the beaten track: friendly, casual, tasty, local. Smart message in this for entrepreneurs: start up in a location that’s not already full of competition, and make the world (or that little bit of it) a better place.

Unbelievable atmosphere , there are heaps of unique people around! Coffee was nice perfect temperature but left a slit strange aftertaste, breakfast look like they were spanked together out the back but with flair! Outside it looks like a halfway house but on the inside, there’s so much more!!!! Love all the old vintage bikes outside And milk crates for chairs outside!

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  • A Minor Place

    103 Albion St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

  • Hellenic Republic

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    I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but when I do, it’s usually Greek. Sadly the HP’s Greek coffee did not match its great reputation. Mine was weak and quite muddy. Disappointing and hopefully a one-off mistake.

  • Brunswick East Project

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    Love this place but don’t really enjoy the coffee here. It always tastes a little blend. Milk often overpowers the coffee.

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    Nice coffee and good service too :)

  • Minimo

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    I asked for a double-espresso and was greeted with, “Doppio! This man likes his coffee.”, so I had high hopes. Not quite up to snuff though: a little burnt, and lacking punch. Nonetheless a nice café with friendly people, and decent enough Atomica coffee.

  • the Prov

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    Great coffee, fantastic old deco industrial building - pity the shit music completely spoils the atmosphere. Avoid unless you particularly like crap commercial radio played really loud.

  • East Elevation

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    East Elevation’s red door opens up to reveal a lovely light space where delicious food and equally tasty coffee is served. I’ll be back, if only to try the deadly-looking croque-monsieur.