Kindle Cafe and Catering

10/240 City Walk, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 16 reviews.
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Great flavor, good temp. The cafe is cool in a Brunswick Melbourne way. I’m totally going back there!!!

Excellent coffee and a very pleasant wrap. Always very busy and not quite enough staff but well worth the wait.

With its cushions and brass, the interior of this cafe reminds me of an Indian restaurant.

They do a pretty good double shot macchiato though.

Such a nice long black! Very smooth. Thank you Mr. Barista! Ymmd

Naff name, out-of-the way-location (at the back of an empty office block), but this place is often quite busy. I suspected it might be related to the coffee and indeed it is reasonably good. Funky staff and furnishings. Rather different style to most of Civic’s coffee spots & worth a try.

Great coffee! I love a long black you can chew…

The best in town. If you havn’t found it already its a MUST! That is all!

The almost impossible to find Kindle Café is a rather cosy little spot in the bottom of an otherwise innocuous public service building. The coffee is nothing spesh, but they do a decent enough job.

Wow! they’ve really refitted this place out with style and the coffee could be the best in the CBD! strong and flavourful columbian brew. (working through the men, u the food is top notch too)

With quality coffee, attentive and friendly service and a menu to die for Kindle is the place to be if your in the Canberra City. With their warm and inviting attitude, the staff aim to create lasting relationships with their customers which is proven by their amazing rep around canberra. Although the cosy cafe is always quite busy you will always get prompt, personalized service with a touch of their flair and laidback humour.

First visit was nice, although the staff were a little more interested in serving their friends than other customers. On the second visit, however, the coffee was bitter and the milk was burned. I don’t think I rated as a customer worthy enough to impress, which is a shame as I was willing to give the place a go and be a little lenient.

Hidden away inside an office building, Kindle is a good spot for a quiet coffee in Civic. Free wifi.

Best coffee ive had in yonks!! & how can you beet an all day breaky?! Only with the best macarons in town!  three big ticks from me, ill be back many times!

Kindle Cafe is a refreshing addition to the Civic cafe circuit. Serving up a quality Columbian Organic coffee as the house blend is a good start. The meals are competitively priced and of a very high quality. I was impressed.

Overlooking one of Canberra’s forgotten laneway networks, the interior has been modelled on that generation of Melb-laneway cafes they burgeoned in the early to mid-noughties. That’s by no means a criticism, as it lends itself well to the cafe’s setting.

I look forward to many more coffees and lunches at Kindle.

Strictly OK coffee , the ambience though is why I would give Kindle another go….the aesthetics are very tasteful and the menu looks quite appealing…..I do like my raisin toast warm with the butter melted but then again each to their own…

Small but lavishly outfitted café that is totally hidden away behind the entrance to this office building on city walk. Kindle is newly opened, but their service seems pretty good already, and they’re doing well to attract customers. My macchiato was smooth and tasty.

From a look at their menu, they’re serving all day breakfasts as well as some moderately-priced lunch options. Worth a try.

Open weekdays 7am - 4:30pm.

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    Yup, service is vague - young people who are doing this while they’re at uni, perhaps. Ona beans are good. A lot of theatre when pouring and the results aren’t really worth the carry-on.

    They can’t do a soy latte…

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