Bruno’s Truffels

Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia
Average: 2.5 / 5 stars, based on 3 reviews.
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Bruno’s Truffels is one of the most unique bakeries out there and for many reasons. They make authentic sour dough bread, really nice pastries and not to mention his famous chocolates and specialties that is absolutely top quality. This place focuses on using high quality ingredients to produce really lovely bread, sweets and chocolates.
There is a big variety of many different chocolates ranging from alcoholic truffels to chocolates containing delicious nuts such as the Hazelnut clusters.

Not only that but Bruno’s Truffels makes very special products for Easter and Christmas period. Before Easter there comes the absolutely superb Hot Cross Buns and the huge variety of Easter Bunnies and Molds of the Milk, white and Dark chocolates. Very Unique products. On Christmas he makes stunning Gingerbread Houses made from his famous German styled cooking, Christmas Fruit cakes with icing and without icing and his wonderful Christmas puddings which are some the best deserts for family gatherings or for oneself.

I have been to this coffee shop many times and their coffee to be honest is by good standards and is perfectly fine, I see nothing wrong with it. The staff are direct and informative of their products as they certainly know what they are talking about, which is what I like to see.

Prices are not too bad, but definitely worth it. The chocolates prices are actually slightly lower then the big chocolate shops you find in Sydney/Melbourne surprisingly. If you haven’t been here I suggest you check it out and try out their variety of chocolates and pastries because I recommend this place for those willing to try tasty products. Good seating inside and outside. Sometimes some of the products sell out but they do put reserved orders if you ring them up early and put it under your name to check if they still have it.

Just… stay away… trust me on this.

Staff are uninterested and clearly NOT passionate about what they do. The result is what you would expect: a terrible coffee.

Almost right next door to the Italian Continental Bakery Cafe, this one is a competitor to it. So you’d think one of them would try to come up with a good coffee. No.

Bruno’s coffee is not only bitter, but it’s too hot. There is no love in this coffee. It can vary depending on who makes it, but not by much. It seems as if there is someone there making very bad coffee, and teaching everyone else how to do it too.

The Swiss tarts are very good, the other pastries are good, and there is a big range of chocolates (“truffels”). At Easter, there is a high demand for the expensive but good-quality chocolate eggs and bunnies. The gelatos come in adult- or child-sized serves. This cafe also has pies, quiches and sausage rolls, and pre-made sandwiches. The bread is famous, but it’s very expensive and sells out fast.

Probably the best feature of this cafe is the very clean toilet. It always has a lot of tables available, inside and out.

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