Italian Continental Bakery Cafe

Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia
Average: 4.5 / 5 stars, based on 13 reviews.
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Beautifully made lavazza flat white and the food looked fantastic!!

Took a remarkably long time to place an order during a fairly quiet period but coffee came quickly thereafter. Decent strong cappuccino. Delicious soft cannoli which is worth a trip just for this alone.

I am so happy I found this shop! The coffee is great and the service is friendly and they have the best cannoli and cronuts.

I was very impressed with this shop. Excellent service despite how busy it was but the coffee was fantastic. I think I found my new fav shop!!

I will first start by saying they use Lavazza coffee. My experience with this brand of coffee is mixed, having said that this shop makes it work and it tastes good. First coffee I tried was a macchiato and from judging that I had concluded 2 things: 1st - Lavazza is a very hard coffee to get it right but when you do the result is high quality espresso. 2nd - the coffee machine they are using is cleaned methodically and ritually, being an ex-barista I could tell straight away.

The iced coffee is made with real espresso and was very good quality, and their coffee thickshake is also fantastic - of the two I would recommend the thickshake simply because I have never seen a shop do coffee thickshakes! There is also a frozen coffee icecream which is really great especially for those hot days.

If you are planning to go there on a weekend, expect a line up for orders - but once you have ordered the coffee is delivered quite quickly which was a pleasant surprise.

This shop is not just a coffee shop - they also have great cakes and pastries and nice looking menus - definitely worth a look.

Went here today with my girlfriend for the first time and was very impressed. We ordered a flat white and caramel latte it was very busy but the coffee came out so quickly, and it tasted great! We will be back.

Absolutely one of the best coffees in Canberra, such flavour. Even at busy (and I mean busy) waiting times have never exceeded 5 minutes. Highly skilled barista and a very well organized shop.

Perfect coffee everytime! Always at perfect temperature! The staff are always friendly and their cakes are the best! :)

Fantastic Italian style coffee. It is one of my favourite places for coffee :)

Very good cappuccino! So flavorsome and creamy nice and hot too!

Latte was mild and milky and served too warm

Have been coming here for a number of years now. Fantastic coffee consistently and quick. Cappuccinos have standard creamy froth and the ratios are correct. Macchiatos are really italian style with no milk, only froth so if you want some milk ask for a Piccolo.

This shop is also home to cannolis, and are the best in Canberra.

Given the quality of the food, and the ethnicity of this cafe, I always expect the coffee to be better, but I’m almost always disappointed.

The hot coffees are bitter, although be sure to order something foamy if it’s quiet, as the baristas will make you a pretty picture on top if they can. The iced coffee can be very good, probably because the ice cream balances the bitterness.

The cannoli, jam donuts and sfogliata are fantastic, as are the breakfasts and lunches. Snacks are very good value. At busy times (weekend breakfasts, particularly) there can be long queues and a wait to sit at a table.

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