The Provincial Pantry

Malbon St, Bungendore New South Wales 2621, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 8 reviews.
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I was a fan of this little coffee shop, I even thought that I would frequent it more often, even though they don’t have my favorite drink which is chai latte.
This morning (20 may 2012) my husband and son (2 years) decided we would go for breakfast to this nice coffee shop. We sat down and waited for someone to come outside and take our order, when they eventually came, we were told that now you have to order at the counter, which I thought fair enough, so off I went and made the order.
After a lengthy wait the order started to dribble to our table, the first delivery was completely wrong and had to get sent back. The second was right and then the third order was wrong and got sent back as well.
Then the food started to arrive with no cutlery!!!
The ham and cheese croissant was dry and chewy, the banana bread didn’t taste like banana bread and was probably a few days old, at least they opulent stuff up toast and jam.
Big disappointment, lost me as a customer!!!!!!!!!!!

It brought some standards to Bungendore in the coffee shop range we haven’t seen before … service .. water with coffees .. asking patrons what they do and don’t like .. and catering to those tastes .. it has a great ambience with grocery produce as well as cafe items .. music is great .. staff are interesting … coffee is great … reparte is wonderful .. and it’s all in a day’s work!


We used to frequent all the coffee shops in Bungendore – more or less on a rotating basis – until we found the Provincial Pantry. Since they first opened for business, this is the place we go – every day. We’ve discovered the best coffee ever, great pastries and other light and fresh yummy things to go with it; the most courteous, professional and friendly owners and staff; great locally produced products, and a welcoming and very attractive venue where we meet and chat with our coffee-loving friends each morning. There are quite a few other good outlets in our little town, but the Pantry wins hands down.

I just read a negative review by Karen Broadhurst of this fine cafe… it’s a shame that she doesn’t disclose the fact that she is the proprietor of a rival cafe in Bungendore called “Thymes ThirtyThree”. Is this a case of sour grapes? Possibly, since she’s also trying to sell her business at the moment. Country towns are small aren’t they?

Rather than dwelling on, what in my opinion, is an unfair review of this excellent cafe, I’d like to congratulate the boys who run The Provincial Pantry for doing a great job - serving up, easily, the best coffee in town. They have produced a beautiful and unique business that is without rival in the region. Thanks from a coffee lover.

maybe they would be better if they had original ideas instead of trying to copy what other cafes are already doing. I found the coffee was burnt and when my friend complained she was treated like crap. Not good for a small country town

The Provincial Pantry is simply fantastic. The gentlemen that own this beautiful cafe have done an amazing job. The decor is beautiful, the food and coffee are outstanding and the customer service is fabulous - very attentive and you always get service with a smile. Well done! A regular customer.

OMG…. I have just tasted the best coffee of my life!

This little gem hidden in the rough that is Bungendore is like a coffee oasis!

To compensate for the usually bad coffee dished out across Canberra, I normally order a double shot… not here… their blend is so perfect, so smooth, yet still strong… that a single shot was all I needed for my FW!

And the interior… WOW… it’s like I floated into a dreamland… beautiful marble tables surrounded by locally sourced produce… a gorgeous counter area… this is real coffee house nirvana!

Trust me… just to taste THAT coffee… and slip away into the dreamscape that is that shop… it’s worth the half hour drive into Bungerdore!

Keep up the good work!

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