Lonsdale Street Roasters

7 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 43 reviews.
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Sometimes hit or miss, but mostly hit. Black coffees are a little bitter, but if you like coffee that way then you’ll love LSR, and milky coffees should benefit from the bean.

Not too sure about this shop, service can vary from very friendly to being neglected completely - and I find the same with the coffee.

Piccolo had good balance

Strong latte. Not too hot, just the way I like it. Flat White had some very impressive art on top.

Great robust flavour, my idea of the perfect strong flat white! Friendly service, good food. What more do you need?

Very good latte. Managed to find a parking space not too far away - result!

I don’t know what is the big deal? The short black is laughable?

I don’t know what is the big deal? The short black is laughable?

Pretty good coffee. I’ve enjoyed a great short black here although as others have noted, their forte is not consistency. Very trendy hipster vibe.

A different interpretation of good coffee when compared to Harvest, another café I frequent. Avoid going there during weekends as I realise I almost always get coffee that is the mere product of mixing milk and espresso at the end of the week. I can confidently say they make some of the finest coffees in Canberra despite some occassional inconsistencies.

The best coffee in Canberra, the friendliest, funniest staff, and the coolest cafe vibe I’ve ever experienced.

Good strong coffee. Hipster den. I can think of fewer better espressos in Canberra.

Gotta say that despite the inconsistency others warn of, this place continues to deliver a decent cup.
Hot tip though: avoid the skim milk as I’ve heard that’s where Lonsdale Roasters come unstuck.

The Coffee: I find the coffee I get here varies. And it’s not just a “Todays roast is slightly more robust” variation, it’s a “aww man, this is burnt, so is the milk.” When it’s on it’s waaay on and when it’s off it’s just plain wrong.

The service: I dunno if they were picked because they looked hipster and that’s all. They’re friendly enough but they’re not hospitality staff really. They take orders wrong, they aren’t paying attention to seated customers. They’ve got no good workflow and professionalism. They’re too busy being cool hipster.

All in all they don’t get a high rating from me.

Very nice flat whites. Also got an interesting cinnamon toast where the cinnamon butter came in a shot glass on the side. Service was quick even though they were in the middle of the morning rush.

Such a pleasant start to the morning the other day at LSR. Sipping on the smoothest double-shot flat and chewing away on some really great muesli with the sun on my back. What a great way to start the day.

I was at LSR yesterday with my wife and a friend.I ordered two caps and a flat white,I also ordered a choc crossiant that the nice man “warmed up” .We all sat down.
The cross was cold and tasted like rubber,the caps came first, they were burnt. My cap had less froth than my friend’s flat white.As there was three of us, two already had caps the nice man then carried over the flat white and asked, “who has a flat white?”sorry to have to say it was a bit shit all around! After, i had to get my own water and the boy cleared away the glass before i had even finished.Please dont let lonsdale go bad because the staff are too busy being cool and hipster to notice that the coffee is slipping and the food sub par.

Fantastic in all aspects! Particular love their Piccolo latte - a perfect balance of coffee and milk, never bitter or burnt. Their Egg and Bacon panini, a Saturday staple. My baby girl loves the atmosphere there, the noise and activity easily calm any tears! Love the place and highly recommend.

Consistently smooth coffee, with very fine texture of the shots. Best in Canberra!!

Coffee is always made well, great assortment of beans pouring and to take away (great FTO single origins and blends from South America and SEA and the Pacific).

Can get a bit busy, but it’s good to have a local place that generates a bit of buzz in Canberra.

Perfect. Don’t change anything about this place!!!! I hope Brandon grows around this place as it sets a great tone!!!

Stopped there on the way out of town and my long mac was freaking amazing, hit the spot, the organic orange juice also impressed my pal.

Ok well today Im having a great coffee at LSR so they are back on the Christmas list :)

Consistently the best tasting coffee i’ve experienced inside and outside Aussie since ever. I pretty much go here every working day and only on the rare occasion the coffee hasn’t been up to it’s high standards. in fact the only reason I look forward to work and mondays is going for my regular flat white with the same bunch of addicted colleagues.

Their ‘secret’ is every standard coffee is a doppio ristretto, which accounts for the great flavour, richness and lack of bitterness. And of course the ever changing beans of the day roasted on the premises. after asking how they pour, I now make my flat whites at home the same way, with their beans. I’m getting almost as good results.

The staff are pretty good. Not quite as friendly as my 2nd fave joint Tonic. But we always enjoy a smile from the Coffee Angel and the cute gal with the cat tat.

Yeah they do the spoons thing ala Melbourne. The decorations and wall art are interesting and ever changing. Yeah there’s the occasional hippy and lycraded cyclist. And no bogans. Coffee’s too good too care about all that.

Finally, the new umbrellas are great outside, but now I can rarely get an outdoor gig in this beautiful weather. I want the exposed hot sun back so I can claim my table again and wear my hat. :ppp

Well I hate to be the bearer of some bad news.

Having coffee at LSR in Braddon this morning / coffee is bitter and burnt.
Not sure why people are lining up for bad coffee.

The pours are good, long black may have been a little too hot.

its a great little place and i hope things improve soon.

If there’s a better coffee in Canberra, I’ve not found it.
Roasted in-house, it’s bold with great complexity in flavour. Both the aroma and taste are more akin to fine wine or cocoa than the typical cafe fare these days.
It’s a relatively new cafe on the scene, with a cycling theme inspired by the owners. Though small and given its popularity crowded at times, the decor is eclectic and cozy with a constantly changing display of work from local artists adding further character. Service is fast and the place has a nice vibe.

It’s clear from the always-busy vibe that these guys are girls are doing something right. Excellent strong coffee, and surprisingly short wait times for the sort of coffee-traffic they are dealing in. My favourite coffee in Civic, just wish they were open later than 4pm

Great Coffee!
We had 2 espressos, 1 Latte and a cap

Espressos were awesome, probably the best I have had in canberra. Great flavour, amazing crema. well rounded with slight cocoa and strong toffee flavours

The presentation of the Cap A+, latte lacked presentation, but tasted great.

Highly recommend, unless you are in a rush… it gets very busy

I feel like a total hispter wanker when I go to this place and I love it. You know a place is good for coffee when people have resorted to sitting crates outside on Canberra weekend to get a good coffee hit, and hit is with pungent smell and taste of the quality of the coffee. The over priced average panini turn me off so I avoid savoury snacking there if possible. But the atmosphere makes me enjoy my coffee so much I have 2-3 at a time. The decor, the sometimes trashy music from the live dj on Saturday arvos, takes me back to my short time in Greenwich Village NYC

Definitely a strong blend, which is why I love it so. Best coffee in Canberra. Catch up, Canberra, your coffee is too weak!

Be patient when ordering: they are busy addressing a gap in the market.

If only there was an equivalent in Belconnen so I could get a proper coffee on work days…

Has to be one of the best coffees in Canberra. Always reliable, I’m there regularly and haven’t had a bad one yet.

Atmosphere is great, staff are really nice and know what they are doing! Looking forward to trying out there beans and having my roasters every morning!

Bringing a bit of Melbourne to Canberra, LSR has some of the best coffee in town. That said, it is very strong, so order it weak if you don’t want to have your socks blown off. Can be hard to find a table at lunchtime.

Excellent coffee and service. The price for the coffee ($3 / $3.50 for large) makes this a bargain. Very friendly staff, very trendy café set up.

Large Lattés are my thing, always smooth, beautiful milk and perfect temperature between 65ºC and 70º. Occasionally have to wait up to 5 minutes from walking in to walking out due to volume of people who attend this café, but well worth the wait.

Baristas know what they are doing and it looks like this café will continue to thrive. Highly recommended. Best coffee in the city.

Scooted into Lonsdale Street Roasters this afternoon after a full on day of coffee in the city. I have been hearing plenty of chat about this place since it opened and its all been good so I was very interested to see what the deal was. When I arrived they had already packed up but was informed coffee was still going so I ordered a piccolo. While I waited i had look around, it’s a pretty small place but very cool. The first thing i noticed was a decent selection of blends and single origins for sale. They also have an interesting menu up on the board and it sounded good. Another plus was the fact they are running with two machines and no doubt pump out coffee fast when it gets busy. I got my piccolo in a takeaway cup no doubt because they were finishing up which was fine with me and off i wandered. The next few minutes were a bit of a blur as i inhaled one of the best coffees I have had in Canberra. The milk was perfect could not fault it for a second. I have to say walking into a cafe around closing time is usually a great way to judge the place, the staff are usually keen to get out of there and in many places you will find standards drop. If lonsdale make coffee like that at closing time I have no idea what they churn out during the day, i look forward to finding out!

Every time I’ve been in sample the wares Lonsdale Street the place has been packed. It’s quite possibly the most popular café in Canberra at the moment, and with good reason. They take their coffee seriously and it shows. I’ve been there seven or eight times and the espresso has been universally well-made and delicious. It probably helps that they roast a range of single origins and blends on-site.

Bonus points for having a range of tasty, freshly made foodstuff on the menu, and couple of single-speed bikes hanging on the wall.

Another nice doppio from Al + Al @ Lonsdale St. Not too sure about the magnetic blackboard menu tho..?

Okay so the purists are going to hate this, but it’s two days in a row now I’ve had delicious iced coffee at Roasters. Not just any iced coffee either, but the ‘Zoolander’. Yes, that’s right, it’s an orange mocha frappachino. But don’t knock it til you try it, coz when it’s 38 degrees out a wickedly cold strong coffee with undertones of dark chocolate and zesty orange is pretty much the best thing ever.

Great flat whites! Also fun to try out their daily choice of beans. Today it was Johnny Cash blend - very smooth. For a very busy cafe the service is excellent and the panini choices very yum. Bike there if you can because parking in Braddon is scarce and expensive.

New cafe who roast their own coffee. I had a macchiato and a latte. Both were good, though the dark roast left the coffee slightly bitter, so I enjoyed the latte more.

Fast becoming my favourite place in Canberra for coffee. The baristas are always cheerful and moments after sitting down a coffee appears just the way I like it. It will be good when they add some food to their repertoire. Only bummer is its not open Sundays.

Love it. There is obviously a very strong connection between people who ride single speed bikes and people who love (and I mean really love) coffee. Lonsdale Street Roasters proves that a new breed has emerged - the coffee/bike nerd.

The long black is smooth and clean. Service is cheerful and they sell a big range of coffee beans. Up there with the best in Canberra.

I visited Braddon’s newest café on its second day of business, and there are a lot of positive things to be shared. They’ve transformed a previously mundane scuba shop into a really nice, industrial-feeling space, and the macchiato they made for me is up with the best I’ve had in Canberra.

It’s hard to miss the big roaster, many crates of beans and brick oven they have sitting at the back of the store. The owners told me that both the roaster and oven will come into use very soon. This place already feels like something special, and if they put the same attention and care into their food and other future offerings as they have already put into the fit-out and espresso, then their position among Canberra’s top cafés will be secured. Watch this space!

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