Bean in the City

28-36 Ainslie Ave, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 9 reviews.
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Used to rate it when the guy with tthe peiceings was behind the machine. Not suck a fan now! My new spot is just round the corner! Love it!

Got my first coffee from here today. I remembered to ask that the barista not top up the long black too far. Taste-wise, I very pleasant, nutty blend.

I’ll have to make sure to drink on site next, so I can see the work in the cup; walking another 300m with a closed-over cup doesn’t do great things for the coffee.

Not much more than a hole in the wall, Bean in the City is a good option if you’re on the run or looking to spend some time in the glorious late-Winter sunshine. My espresso was a little burnt, but overall decent enough.

hit it several times now walking past it everyday and find it wildly inconsistent, one great cup, a couple good ones, a couple very average, but nothing terrible

After experimenting with a relatively newer cafe this morning and facing sheer disappointment , I swear my allegiance to The Bean and the boys there , inarguably one of the best coffees in town ….and yes the portuguese tarts are simply divine….Life certainly is too short to drink bad coffee…..

I have bean in to bean on a few occasions and always get a good little convo out of the boys in there. It is clear that they both like being there which in my opinion is pretty important for baristas. I was in a rush to get back to work last week so i ordered a piccolo, i have found in the past that the milk tastes a bit different, I have been told they don’t use full cream but have never asked… however on this occasion the milk was great good temprature and silky as can be blended into a nice ristretto shot, I’m not going to say a perfect coffee but it was good. I also grabbed a portuguese tart which was kick ass.

I love these guys. Flawless long mac. Steve is the best barrista in Canberra!

Nice. Kinda cool hole in the wall place. Organically run and efficient at the same time. The long black was good. And the portuguese tart was ridiculously good.

Firstly: the best portuguese tart I’ve ever had. I’m told the owner makes them fresh every morning. The coffee is also very well made and it comes in delightful pantone cups.

Bean in the City is a hole in the wall café but their outdoor seating enjoys a nice outlook over Ainslie Ave and City Walk. A nice place to stop by on a sunny day.

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