Chocolate Olive

22 Colbee Ct, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 10 reviews.
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Very disappointed with my espresso I received. Extremely bitter poison.

Had a large latte. Sometimes these can go wrong with too much coffee and not enough froth but this was done right.

Good food and pleasant interior.

Coffee was some of the best I’ve had in Canberra. The service was quick and the atmosphere nice, though the staff seemed a bit distracted.

One of our favourite places but coffee can vary from visit to visit, today 2(skinny milk ones) out of our 4 mugs of flat white not quite warm enough and lacking usual pizzaz. Food still great but can be a noisy environment.

It’s pretty great that a place with some character and style (and decent coffee) exists in the middle of an industrial/retail precinct. Nice atmosphere, good food and consistently decent coffee. It’s not the best coffee around, but more often than not, you get an above average brew.

Given the warm reviews I was expecting much from this neat and cosy cafe.
So the letdown was all the more pronounced.
Not that I really ever saw my coffee because fighting the ‘sea foam’ provided a challenge in itself. There was no attempt at stretching the milk, and frankly I became disinterested half way through.
At least the interior decor was nice, and provided a welcome distraction from this very average cup.

the olive’s coffee is more expensive than other cafes around canberra, but I prefer taking a drive out of my way to go there, service, food is excellent and the coffee is great! usually get an 2nd large cap during meetings, i don’t seem to survive one cap per meeting.

A surprise in the semi-industrial suburb of Phillip. Lots of seating, nice fitout, food looked good and my (sacred Grounds) long black was delicious.

Best coffee in Canberra as far as I am concerned. Fabulous fresh salads and the yummiest gluten free desserts ever

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