Beppe’s Tuscan Kitchen

10 Lathlain St, Belconnen ACT 2611, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 6 reviews.
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Was good in the past. Changed hands so could be teething problems but coffee was weak and bitter, and had a BLT which was dry and unappetizing. So disappointed.

Thank you decafsucks for finding me an excellent coffee amongst all this concrete.

Very nice flat whites. Service is a bit slow today (weekend) but they’re full up.

Love the guys at Beppe’s. The owner Tim and his barista Dan love what they do, and you can tell :)
Always getting in a variety of specialty blends from around Australia, including Seven Seeds, Market Lane and Axil Roasters to name a few.

Barista/roaster Tim is really hitting his stride: this is the go-to place in the area. In addition to heir house blends, they stock Seven Seeds beans.

You’ve really got to appreciate when the owner of a cafe take a genuine interest in fine coffee. Tim was on fire this morning @ Beppe’s and one macchiato was never going to be enough. 2 flawless, smooth and creamy short macs - belissimo!

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    Speedy service which is great if there’s a long line at Beppe’s and everything else is closed (as was the case at the time of this review in early January).

    As for the coffee: decent (though the milk was a little too hot for me)

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    Simply superb pastries and sandwiches but the coffee was pretty poor. Quite bitter actually.

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    Good, strongly flavoured flat whites (possibly a bit too hot). Nice hot chocolate - not too sweet.

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    Our flat whites were hot, brown and inoffensive (Cosmorex). Traditional Australian takeaway joint serving various things fried.

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    Being in Belconnen today, my expectations were slightly lowered. Having said that, Orange Bean serves a pretty decent cappuccino. Seems a very popular spot for local DIAC staff, who appear to know their beans.

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    Coffee is less than bad. Owner doesn’t look all that interested. Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere.