The Creamery & Co

33 Hibberson St, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia
Average: 4.5 / 5 stars, based on 10 reviews.
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Love these guys, their coffee is the best in Canberra and Aaron and the staff are amazing. The only place I go to now for coffee. Cheers guys!

Excellent service, nice gourmet sandwiches sandwich and extremely nice coffee then sweets! Went there today, we sit on their comfortable chair and table, then fell in love this stunning looking shop. Love this place, highly recommend to everyone, worth money!!!

Their Coffee and light food are absolutely bloody fucking good, far better than the others that I tried all. Love this place, however do need some chocolates too just cake is not enough.

Best cafe in town, we all love this place especially their beautiful high quality speciality coffee. chatted with one of their staff, manager or owner, she was absolutely friendly and nice. Their sweets are also surprised fantastic.

Best Cafe in the area, especially their beans they used (by Campos) far better than that others, I used to taste that world champion coffee, to be honest it is like shits even worse than Guru. I love Campos, love Campos Beans.

The Creamery and Co uses Campos high quality beans plus with their home made desserts, sweets. Love this place. Strong recommend to everyone!!!!

High quality coffee in a busy shopping centre is such a rarity. Pre-prepared food is heated and elegantly presented. A good range of petit fours and cakes on display. Staff are friendly and diligent. Wifi available via Telstra or the surprisingly good free shopping centre service.

Tried almost all the cafes, restaurants in the Gungahlin, we think “The Creamery & Co” is obviously the best specialist coffee in the town centre, their normal blend is far better than others with an outstanding customer services. Really enjoy drink coffee and have a cake over there. Highly recommended.

Best Cafe in the Gungahlin ever!!!

This is only our coffee destination in the Gungahlin.

The best coffee specialist in the gunner town, unbelievable choices of single origins, with their great cake displays, and friendly stable customer services, highly recommend to everyone.

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    Spot on espresso, Nice take sandwiches too! Up there with the big name cafés like ONA and espresso room!

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    Staff are delightful, coffee is strong and bit same as Atlas, but food is good, service is fast.

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    Food and coffee are average but service speed is problem.

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    Coffee is ok. Not bad but not amazing. Really great friendly service and a nice place for an easy breakfast.

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    Food is similar to the Coffee Club, copied? Coffee urh … have plenty water and milk mix inside.

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    A large range of breakfast and lunch favourites. Avocado and feta on sourdough is excellent. Their delicious homemade baked beans are the best I’ve had anywhere in Australia. Delightful family cafe which outshines any of the boring franchise cafes in Gu…