Wyckoff Starr

30 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 1 reviews.
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I had a perfectly acceptable (if unremarkable) Americano here. This is a small place, with a handful of seats inside and a couple of stools outside. The service is efficient and there’s a variety of baked goods on offer (try the “everything” bagel with cream cheese).

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  • Wyckoff Starr

    30 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

  • Milk & Pull

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    Very smooth and tasty macchiato, still comes as double shot and with too much foam. The place has doughnuts, bagels , and other pastries on menu.

  • Variety Coffee

    161 Conselyea Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

    Very popular coffee shop in the neighbourhood. Coffice workers galore. Their Americano was decent. Iced coffee also great for the hotter days.

  • Mountain Province

    10 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

    Lovely cafe with yellow palm trees wallpapers, and old style look. Donna Chai comes in Japanese mugs, or rather mini bowls. Macchiato comes with soda water, and although the latte art, is beautiful and smooth.

  • Lucky Shot

    145 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

    So far I’ve only sampled the iced coffee here, but it’s consistently tasty and strong, and the service is friendlier than the hipsterish vibe might suggest. Plus the blackboard out the front is always sporting an amusing, puzzling or random thought to p…

  • El Beit

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    Good coffee, free wifi, lots of people on their laptops and the Brooklyn-typical hipster crowd/staff.

  • Toby’s estate

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    This is the wrong address. Please remove or move to 125 N 6th.

    As for the place and the coffee: it’s a the hipster type Coffee place full of wood, steel, wifi, beards & coffee. They have a menu with daily coffee specials and their baristas know they l…