Hastings Bakery

61 High St, Hastings VIC 3915, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 2 reviews.
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I thought my coffee was good, was nice and hot, nice foam, great aroma too.

Weird after taste
Got my husband an extra shot, turned out that meant running the water through the same grounds again
My mouth tastes like I’ve licked an ashtray
It was a good temperature though

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  • Hastings Bakery

    61 High St, Hastings VIC 3915, Australia

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    The star here is the food. While my strong latté was perfectly adequate, my breakfast was sensational. The view is also great. It isn’t a particularly cozy place but recommended all the same.

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    A start up, but definitely worth a visit. They’re going with a British Empire/ Vintage feel and are offering tin and wooden toys along side the cafe.

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    Nice location, good ambience, good cappuccino

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    Great little cafe with excellent food and coffee and friendly staff. A favorite of the locals.

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    Great little café next door to an art gallery. Features one big communal table and a few other scattered seat . Menu is limited to pastries and pre-prepared sandwiches, but my almond croissant was great, if a bit dense. My strong latté was was nice but …

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    Lovely restaurant, does lunch or dinner, attached to Red Hill Estate. Coffee was well made - good flavour (not outstanding) and smooth blend.
    Complemented by a fabulous view.