The Little Marionette

18A Trafalgar St, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 6 reviews.
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aeropress. As no filter was on offer
Ethiopian. Sweet start bitter sides nice round nutty + mossy finish.
Well worth a coffee if you are in the area.

These guys are so awesome I think they need an updated review. This is now probably my favourite cafe in Sydney, and if you haven’t been here, you really should try it. They roast their own beans out the back, so I now get most of my beans here (when I’m not trying out the stuff from Coffee Alchemy).

It’s a great place to come and hang out in the Chesterfields or to sit at the bar and chat coffee nerdery with the guys. They’ve helped me perfect my Aeropress and Chemex technique. And have shared some amazing coffees with me.

That said you should heed Cam’s advice and try the new cold-drip coffee, it’s pretty amazing stuff!

This is officially my local and I love it.

These guys have done a great ristretto for ages.
BUT: Today they’ve started doing a 12 hour cold filtered ice coffee. Holy freakin shit balls you must try it, quite amazing!

very cool joint, very excellent beans.
you can wait a while for your coffee but the atmosphere is great.
Discovered the joint when I had a flat white at the Iceburgs and had to ask where they got their beans

Coffee nerds of the highest order work here. Beans are roasted out the back and the coffee is poured with obsessive perfection. Snackage from Black Star rocks. Also, Benny will teach you to pull a great coffee if you want some professional barista training.

The music is eclectic and not your standard ‘blend into the background’ stuff. Also, it is a bit cramped in there and will not be your scene if you can’t handle a bit of grunge.

I love this place!

The piccolo latte I just had was awesome. Come here for the coffee not for lunch (like I just tried to do). There’s free wifi with a Lewis Carroll twist and a comfy sofa room with big leather Chesterfields. If I’d brought my power supply I could be here all day…

I’ve been here a few times since my first review. I’ve discovered that the XXL latte (aka the “dub dub”), is the Marionette equivalent of the strong latte. Every drink they do as a double ristretto, and it’s so smooth it lacks the punch I crave. Quadruple ristretto latte, I think I’m in love.

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    Not good coffee. Couldn’t finish my latte.

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    Quick update. I left it a while and came back for a late lunch in the sun. The neighbourhood atmosphere is hard to beat. My Doppio Espresso was very good (made with Toby’s Estate beans).

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    Fantastic coffee, made precisely as specified. Small, neat and stylish, it’s a great new café for Annandale.

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    Good food, ordinary coffee, and lacklustre service. Sit outside to enjoy cigarette smoke and the dulcet tones of buses. Not a bad spot to pick up a quick coffee and locally made muffin.

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