40 Marcus Clarke St, City ACT 2601, Australia
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Peter Hemphill’s place of choice for a long black. Good stuff!

Fantastic coffee served in a trendy city cafe. Great service and friendly staff.

Perfect every time. I work my city meetings around a takeaway Harvest coffee. What impresses me is the consistency of quality when at peak times there could be 30+ coffees waiting in a queue to be made.. And without delays.
As a bit of a coffee snob, and having come from Melbourne, I can easily say this coffee is the best I have had.
Love you guys

Latte had a good medium-strong flavour but was a bit hot

Used to be excellent and the only place I will buy coffee from, now I have become more lenient and willing to give other cafes a go. Probably because the most talented barista at Harvest has left and now I feel like buying lottery every time I order a flat white (good adrenalin rush though). Most of the time it is not strong enough and too hot or too milky. Still better than most, but last Sat I had to order the second coffee to give them a chance to make it right (and they did!).
Try two before ten (behind it) or walk a little further to Lonsdale street roadster if this one won’t do..

This cafe spawns from the great, but inconsistent, Group 7 down the road. I’d wager a guess that this coffee is as good as group 7’s used to be because the staff moved across. But also, if you’re going to set up shop so close to Two Before Ten then you have to set the bar high to compete…

A delicious cup and a great addition to city west.

Love this place. Good vibe, friendly staff and great coffee, every time.

Love this place…. always drop by on my way to work!

The “Harvest blend” used for espresso isn’t for me - a little too strong, but the pourover and syphon is varied (the beans change regularly) but consistently impressive. The syphon in particular is astoundingly cheap compared to Melbourne or Sydney prices.

Try the pourover before midday, the syphon after.

Enjoyed our mugs, flat white and mugachino, at this busy place, will come back again.

I’ve been to this place countless times for my long blacks - consistently good.

This place is also great for chilling out and just having conversations over coffee.

Quality and consistency are the hallmarks of a good cafe and Harvest delivers.
Part of the same group as Kingston Grind, Group 7 and Tonic, it’s the simplest of the four with only a limited selection of slices and pastries. The focus is definitely on the coffee, which is a flavoursome blend delivered quickly and of a consistently high standard. Not limited to the traditional espresso, Harvest also offers syphon and cold drip coffee.
Service is friendly and the decor the best so far of the group, rich in woodgrain and earth tones.

The lifeblood of my working week. Fast service from friendly staff who know your order. Great atmosphere including the tunes - most importantly excellent coffee, always.

+1 Simply the best latte I’ve had in Canberra. Make that latteS - Harvest produce consistently outstanding coffee.

Like all the great performers, from the sporting field to the street cafe, Harvest is successful due to one key ingredient: Consistency. And piping hot coffee. Here is a nicely appointed, trendy looking cafe that pumps out delicious coffee day in day out. Service is friendly and efficient and the coffee just keeps on impressing.

Brilliant flavour. Had a long mac, delicious

Definitely one of the top places for coffee in Canberra. Long black is strong and well balanced. Always consistent which is nice in the morning on the way to work when all you want is goodness to start your day.

Boy! Since the impression I formed during their opening week, Harvest has really upped their game. I can now lay aside my initial lamentation regarding the lack of uniqueness relative to their brethren cafés. Apart from their well-made espresso, Harvest now offer single-origin syphon coffee (after 12pm) as well as a cold brew expressed from a near ceiling-high construction of glass chambers. It’s no wonder that I found the place nearly full with patrons at 2:30pm; Harvest may well be THE place to go for quality coffee in Canberra.

I’m in mixed minds about Harvest, another joint opened up by the Kingston Grind/Tonic/Group Seven crowd, no doubt poised to take the custom of the workers in the soon to be opened office towers across the road. The baristas at Harvest display the same attention to consistent, quality coffee as their sister cafés. This is a good thing, especially in a part of the city that is relatively underpopulated with good places. However, despite their large space and plentitude of seating, Harvest offers little else besides the coffee and the very same paltry range of sweets that is on offer in their sister cafés. No other more substantial food is on offer, not even the lunch rolls that you find in Group Seven. It would have been nice to see something more unique than another instance of the same formula.

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