Cafe Obscura

Japan, Tokyo Setagaya三軒茶屋1丁目9−16
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This little suburban café is a lovely place to hang out. A mix of raw concrete (a personal favourite of mine) and some extremely comfy sofas. There’s also a bookcase, some potted plants, a hushed quiet, and little blankets draped over the arm of every chair.

Their specialty is single origin syphon coffee. I enjoyed a fruity Costa Rican brew along with one of their delicious sandwich lunch sets.

Not much of a coffee expert I can’t say with all that much authority, but it was pretty damn tasty.
Tucked away in a back street of Sangenjaya, what keeps bringing me back is the relaxing (non-smoking) atmosphere, and cheesecake to die for.

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    Japan, Tokyo Setagaya三軒茶屋1丁目9−16

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