Café Angelique

Bleecker St & Grove St, New York, NY 10014, USA
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 2 reviews.
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Nice to see a full range of espresso-based drinks here, but it’s not clear whether they really care about them. My macchiato was on the burnt side.

Otherwise, a nicely situated cafe, with big windows looking out onto the West Village streets, great for people watching.

Friendly staff and quality croissants accompany the Lavazza coffee at this charming West Village café. My doppio (“double espresso” in NYC parlance) was strong and smooth. Milk-based coffee drinks, both hot and cold, do big numbers it seems, but the brain-freeze bonus to look for is the mixed-berry smoothie, which comes in a carafe.

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  • Café Angelique

    Bleecker St & Grove St, New York, NY 10014, USA

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    Beautiful little neighbourhood bistro, with some rather good high-end food. Open for breakfasts; my advice would be to eat here and coffee just down the road at whynot.

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    Straight-up little coffee-focused cafe. Served quite a strong macchiato. No complaints here!

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    Nice cold drip, good environment, I rate it

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    Great little café on the west side of 7th Ave. Lefty baristas and arty wastrels, mothers with small children and big dogs, attractively aging men with e-readers of various kinds. My double espressi (I had to have two) were right-on. Some may find their …

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    Stumptown coffee, nice and strong!

    This is a little space serving coffee and a few baked things. There are a few small tables and stools for those who want to imbibe in house.

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    Exquisitely fitted out flagship store for Stumptown in the West Village. In the long front room is the regular espresso bar, tables and chairs, and a well-populated bookshelf (magazines and also copies of “Asimov’s Science Fiction & Fact!”). Out back is…