Raw Sugar Café

148 Bunda St, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 2.0 / 5 stars, based on 2 reviews.
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So if you’re stuck in the Canberra Center and you’re looking for a coffee that’s better than starbucks or GJs this will do. Short Mac ok.

Double macchiato was decent but prepared without much care and served in a mug that was about twice as large as it would need to be. Otherwise, a good simple menu and probably one of the nicer cafés in Canberra Centre.

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  • Raw Sugar Café

    148 Bunda St, City ACT 2601, Australia

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    Well, a double macchiato was really good. If you’re passing by and need a coffee, there’s no reason not to stop by here. Obviously the location means that its not somewhere I’d stop for an hour to read or anything, but the coffee is good all the same.

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    For coffee alone this would get 4.5/5 stars. Lovely lively airy vibe with indoor and outdoor greenhouse style design. Staff cheerful and efficient. Several bean types to be matched to your coffee of choice. Flat white using a bean with berry notes was e…

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    The most surprising coffee experience is when you visit a poorly reviewed cafe and find a great coffee. They must have seen the reviews and taken the time to fix things. The coffee is strong, so if that’s not something you’re after add sugar. I did and …

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    The new re-vamped shop looks a treat. The pies, tarts and breads are still as tasty as ever. Service is still efficient and prices are very reasonable.
    Now for the negatives. 1. Plastic cups made to look like water glasses are tacky.
    2. Coffee is al…

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    Decent coffee and excellent fish and chips.

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    I was surprised by how passable this coffee is. ‘open my eyes’ blend is smooth and tasty