Two Peas

184 St Johns Road, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia
Average: 4.5 / 5 stars, based on 1 reviews.
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Great food, great coffee, comfy chesterfields, polished concrete, wooden surfaces, hipsters with facial hair, this place has it all. Although the oversensitive automatic door is rather annoying and they play shit music at times.

If there are any left definitely try the muffins.

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  • Two Peas

    184 St Johns Road, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

  • digi.kaf

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    Fantastic friendly staff. Great Coffee. Football on Sunday Mornings, and a killer quesadilla.

    Love it!

  • In The Annexe

    42-44 Ross Street, Forest Lodge NSW 2037, Australia

    Finally. This pocket of shops on Ross St. has needed a cafe like this for years. Crap pretenders have come and gone. These guys should be keepers. Excellent coffee.

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    Sadly this once awesome cafe changed hands. I agree with the other review that the food and coffee used to be awesome. Alas not anymore IMHO.

  • Sonoma Cafe

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    Love this little place. Cracking coffee, it’s cosy inside and has a friendly, slighly hippy-ish vibe. They rotate through about four baristas, who have all been there a long time and use a blend from Single Origin in Surry Hills. It’s consistently go…

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    Solid and consistent coffee with great light food options. Extremely friendly staff, and recently acquired a liquor license with warrants a revisit. Great little spot!

  • Deus Café

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    Decent double espresso, and a great (but rather pricey) breakfast of scrambled eggs and salmon. The vibe here is cool, it’s a great space. You could probably bring a laptop and work comfortably for a while.

    I was here on a Monday morning and it was bli…