Knead Patisserie

10 Lathlain St, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 9 reviews.
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The coffee at Knead has been getting better lately. Definitely the best option at the markets. The milk in my latte was perfectly textured, though the coffee was a little under extracted.

They do a great warm hot chocolate (in a small cup) that comes with two marshmallows!! ✌

Simply superb pastries and sandwiches but the coffee was pretty poor. Quite bitter actually.

Good coffee but quite hot. The pastries here are great though.

Milk was a bit scorched and my flat white was a lot stronger than the norm, otherwise quite drinkable. Really lovely pastries. The shabby chic furniture is cute but really uncomfortable.

Coffee is average. Drinkable but not much better than instant, in my opinion. They use, from memory, a “premium” blend of Lavazza. Cosmorex would suit their scene a bit more and maybe a better machine.
Good staff.

I go here frequently for their pastries and tarts. The bear claw is a yummy cinnamon and chocolate tasting croissant. The snail has the perfect amount of cinnamon and raisins. And they get creative sometimes - the zuchinni and marmalade cake is delicious!

Love it! Coffee is very good - and the creme brulee tarts are to die for!

Coffee is consistently better than most and the frangipani tarts are to die for.

The coffee here is not bad: espresso’s a little thin. On the other hand, the baguettes are incredible, the best I’ve had outside France. So, with amazing bread and average coffee, they’re replicating the Paris experience perfectly.

Patisserie at the belconnen markets. Long black is pretty decent. Raisin scroll is ridiculously good.

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    Good, strongly flavoured flat whites (possibly a bit too hot). Nice hot chocolate - not too sweet.

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    Speedy service which is great if there’s a long line at Beppe’s and everything else is closed (as was the case at the time of this review in early January).

    As for the coffee: decent (though the milk was a little too hot for me)

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    Was good in the past. Changed hands so could be teething problems but coffee was weak and bitter, and had a BLT which was dry and unappetizing. So disappointed.

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    Our flat whites were hot, brown and inoffensive (Cosmorex). Traditional Australian takeaway joint serving various things fried.

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    Being in Belconnen today, my expectations were slightly lowered. Having said that, Orange Bean serves a pretty decent cappuccino. Seems a very popular spot for local DIAC staff, who appear to know their beans.

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    Coffee is less than bad. Owner doesn’t look all that interested. Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere.