Workshop Espresso

500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 9 reviews.
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It’s been a while since I’ve made a solid effort to write a review. Upon walking into Workshop I was greeted with a glass of water with fresh apple slices .. I was pretty much sold at this point.
The vibe is very much a Melbourne. ‘Hole in the wall’ with lines of people that remind me of BBB on Little Burke, Melbourne.
The coffee was fragrant, a little light on oil for my tastes but had a very pleasant ‘burn’ like smell that whilst unintended (I’m sure) gave it a unique character . Certainly worth a stop if you are looking for a quick refuel.

My mate pretended to have lost a game of air hockey due to the lack of a caffeine fix beforehand. To prove the ridiculousness of this notion, I played along and reluctantly walked the 200 metres or so required to get to this coffee shop. In that timespan I had ample time to read up on the cafe on this app, particularly as the streets were semi-closed due to a fire in a nearby building.
By nature, I am sceptical of good reviews and prefer to form my own opinion. Yet, my puny mind was blown away due to a number of factors: the pretty girl behind the counter, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, and the wonderful flavour of the iced coffee (needed after the exhausting and body heat raising exploitations on the air hockey pitch).
Needless to say, the rematch of the game turned into a shambles for my mate and I had an easy 9-0 win.

Super impressed with this place. Maybe it’s because I’ve just returned from San Fran, but the service was swift and the coffee was good

Good coffee on George st! Tasty, raisiny latte but the street front vibe is the clincher.

Deservedly popular. I can report that it’s open on Saturdays.

Incredible coffee from this little hole in the wall. Not a lot of room, if you’re lucky you might score one of the seats at the bench, otherwise do what all the office workers do: stand out on George St sipping from a cup and chatting.

One of best coffee places in the CBD, I always buy from here if I’m in the area and have started using their beans at home.

Great coffee and friendly service. Food looks great here too. The only issue is how busy it gets and the fact that if you manage to get a seat it’s pretty cramped. Worth a swoop past at a non-peak time to check out.

Superlative coffee from this tiny hole in the wall. If I were having any kind of meal in this area, I’d make sure to come here for coffee before or after. Sadly, they seem to be open weekdays only.

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    Soy Latte was nice & smooth. Sourdough toast was a little thin but had plenty of vegemite on it :)

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    Ohhh myyy gooooood, this shit is so good! Best beans in Surry Hills.