Mort St & Bunda St, City ACT 2601, Australia
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Piccolo latte had good flavour and texture

I’ll often stop into Tonic when I’m in Civic and they haven’t let me down yet. Piccolos are always silky smooth and plenty of body.

Thank you decaf sucks for helping me find this little cafe. I have walked past it for years. Now I have my inner city coffee fix haunt!

Great coffee
I vist every weekday, and usually have a great experience. The espresso is robust, with slight acidity. Caps are served with chocolate, and dense micro-foam.The lattes have the right proportions, and have impeccable rosettas 9 times out of ten.
The majority of the staff seem to have respect for the coffee.
I am yet to try the syphon coffee, but i will.

Another delicious latte from the lovely lads and lady at Tonic. Super convenient bike parking a big bonus.

Like Kingston Grind, Tonic’s espresso is a bit grassy.

Great quality coffee, as expected from the same operators as Group Seven and Kingston Grind. Come mid-morning on a weekday and you’ll be sure to find a long queue of office workers ordering take-away. To their credit, they prioritise their drink-in orders and my coffee came quickly. Small array of cakes and pastries available, but it didn’t look like they had much more.

While public servants aren’t necessarily the best indication of a good espresso, in the case of Tonic they’re spot on—unsurprisingly I guess given they’re part of the empire of Kingston Grind/Group Seven cafés.

As long as you’re willing to fight through the swathes of government employees Tonic is one of the better places in the Canberra CBD to get your caffeine hit.

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    Latte had great flavour and texture

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    Best espresso in Canberra. Other styles are exceptional also.

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    Easily the best coffee in Civic. Friendly staff, coffee made with care and passion, really great vibe.