43 Brierly St, Weston ACT 2611, Australia
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Still kicking goals. You can’t get a bad coffee at this place. If you’re south of the lake (I know it’s scary) head on over.

Excellent short black. Smooth without any bitter taste. The breakfast roll was just what I needed.

Latte had OK flavour but a little hot

28.6.13 EOFYS update: I’ve been working in Weston all week, visiting Lava every day, and the coffee has been nothing short of amazing. 5 star!

I only work in Weston Creek every so often, but everytime I am excited because I get to go to Lava.
Today: roast beef roll + short macchiato = bliss.

Not sure what nits that last guy had up his bum but this is the place to go if you are south of the lake. Consistently excellent coffee, service is always friendly and efficient. Sure, there might be a few crumbs now and then, that’s largely due to the rapid shoveling of the delicious baked goods (toasted banana bread a favorite).

I’m going to pick some nits. First the positives. The coffee really is excellent and consistently so—in ten visits I’ve never had a below par long black. The location is very good, too, and it’s the best coffee shop in this group shopping centre.

And now the negatives: as another reviewer said, the east facing wall of glass makes the interior very difficult on a hot day. There’s also something not quite right, not very welcoming, about entering at the opposite end of the cafe to the counter. The reproduction Eames plywood chairs are starting to look a little tatty after a couple of years and this kind of furniture doesn’t lend itself well to patina. It’s beginning to feel like a run down chain store in a mall.

However for me the worst part is the cleanliness. On most visits I’ve had to brush other people’s crumbs off of my seat, and the tables are often grubby—butter, jam—needing to be cleared and wiped down. Worse still, on my last visit we were the only customers and with four staff talking amongst themselves our table was still left dirty and needed to be wiped down—but wasn’t. As Jasper Beardly said, that’s a paddlin’.

Consistently excellent coffee made by a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of young guys and gals. I would have never expected some of the best coffee in canberra to be found at my local shopping centre. And as if that isn’t enough, you’re also highly unlikely to die of a heart attack, get mugged, or burnt on Brierly street now due to the constant presence of police, ambos and fire-persons pulling up for their takeaways.

Great coffee, good service from a young team passionate about bringing great coffee to Canberra. Well worth the trip to Weston.

Great coffee and service yet again :-)

Very good, go here often, v friendly staff, short wait time, excellent coffee

Enjoyed our visit, two companions very happy with their skinny flat white mugs, my full milk one could have been a bit creamier. Glasses and water would be appreciated but will recommend the experience.

Without a doubt the best coffee in the area, regardless of your preferred brew. Open early for your before work hit, and the vibe is as good as the drinks. They’ve introduced a sparkling long black as an option for the warmer months. Definitely worth making your regular if you call Weston home, or work brings you here.

Better than average coffee, friendly staff, always quiet when I visit which is a bit of a worry for their future.

Wow, what a great place to grab coffee in the mornings. Small, but buzzing with activity from locals on their way off to work or the gym. Honestly, given the surroundings it seems odd they’d have such great coffee. They’re also fast. I can park out the back, and always get my coffee within 5 mins. Coffee’s hot but not too hot, and never bitter. Young staff doing a great job deserve lots of custom, and will keep getting mine. Props guys!

Consistently great, never drops below good.
One of the best in Canberra, just a shame they are not open for lazy (for me) Sunday business

Very nice coffee! Had a latté and my friend had a chai latté. Definitely the best coffee in Weston Creek. Very nice interior and well made coffee. Both of our coffees had well presented rossettas on top, and the Capp and Mocha that another customer ordered had excellent latté art on top.

Leaving Barton for the wilds of Weston I was concerned leaving behind the excellent coffee of the Kingston Grind. I needn’t have been. Thanks to Hugh Evan’s review I had my first outing to Lava yesterday and ordered a double shot espresso. It was as it should be… smooth and sweet. The two staff were friendly and keen to get my impression. I have found my new regular. I’ll be back.

This time of year their store is as cold as it is bright during the summer months. This however does not dampen their enthusiasm for being open at 7am and eagerly serving a very smooth espresso followed up attentively with a “How was that?”

The answer? It was *really* good.

Friendly and fast for my morning coffees. Very drinkable, no bitter first sips here :)

Attentive youthful fellows serving short, strong espressi. East-facing with a sliding-door glass wall, so sitting in your repro Eames plywood chair having a morning doppio can be blindingly bright: bring your sunglasses. Certainly the classiest coffee shop in the area.

V. Impressed. Coffee always good. Muffins, banana bread, etc all excellent. Easily best Cafe @ Coolo.

I might add, they have WiFi and good funky background music. Can get a bit bright (for screen work) and hot when the sun shines through the door. I suspect that this could be nice in winter though.

This is a new cafe in Weston. Fairly groovy interior with nice furniture and fitout.

Large latte was nice, and strong. A little on the cool side, but I prefer that to overhot/scalded.

Lava is a good option if you want a cafe in Weston with a bit of vibe that isn’t in a mall.

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