Group Seven

Murden St, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 16 reviews.
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Must agree with a few other posters here I feel it is inconsistent: I have had some decent coffee here but then other times it is very milky and I suspect burnt?

Don’t know about “best coffee in Canberra” but my latte had very good flavour and texture.

As a decaf drinker, the G7 decaf definately does not suck! Always great. Never burnt. Perhaps people mistake ‘robust’ for ‘burnt’?

Coffee always tastes burnt and the setting is dark and dingy.

Pretty average to he honest. Very disappointed. Coffee was burnt, watery, thin milk, and pretty horrible. Seems the staff were more concerned with being funky and chatting to regulars than to make a nice one off coffee. Would not bother again.

Nice long black, great atmosphere and friendly staff

Pretty common to get a strong and burnt cup. But the place has got an amazing vibe and great staff, which is why I come back.

best toasted banana bread in canberra!
coffee is similarly superb!

Great tasting coffee, attentive staff and a really good vibe. I love to sit in there and get work done.

I must have been to Group Seven close to a hundred times, and I’ve never received a less-than-great coffee. This is certainly one of the best coffee-focused cafés in the city. They have friendly, efficient staff, and also a small but tasty set of lunch options.

3 lattes on 3 mornings last week - all were sensational. Possibly the best I’ve ever had.

God shots?

Highly recommended if you are a coffee fan and live in Canberra. Make a point of going there and checking it out for yourself.

Seriously good start to the day. Long black is strong, round with flavour and always great.

Word of warning - don’t go for a takeaway when wearing a white business shirt…

Consistently great coffee in a no-nonsense, coffee-focused but relaxed atmosphere.

The staff are quick and friendly, and deal well with the large rushes that occur regularly at mid-morning. These are a testament to the quality of their brew given the three competing coffee shops within a minute’s walk from Group Seven.

The double-shot espresso is not for the faint-hearted. Friendly, casual vibe. Nice looks-like-a-stencil-but-is-actually-handpainted on the wall. Also: tasty pre-made rolls on chewable bread.

Always delicious. Almost certainly the best coffee in the City West area.

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