Marlowe’s Way

13 Tank Stream Way, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 6 reviews.
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Been a while since I’ve been here, but this is definitely the pick of the local area. Great coffee, friendly service, and turns into a small bar with tunes once the sun is over the yard arm. Approve!

Marlowe’s Way turned my morning around. City was feeling extra grey and hazy with the scent of a distant bush fire. But that cold drip was so bright and refreshing. Perhaps it had just been too long since I’ve had a good one over the winter, but I think it was something special. Will be back. Also, while I thoroughly recommend it black, I happened to have a little bottle of milk that was served with my porridge. Went very nicely to stretch out a last sip that otherwise would have been lost amongst the ice cubes.

Tucked away in a laneway at the back of The Establishment, this small “Melbournesque” cafe does great coffee (Little Marionette beans @ $3.50 for a regular) and you feel like the weekend has arrived listening to the groovy music being played on the old school record player - love it!

I’ve been working from Tank Stream Labs upstairs. Feeling very lucky to have this downstairs. They use Little Marionette beans, and use double-ristretto shots for their coffees. The espresso is lovely and so is the cold drip.

Great atmosphere, great strong coffee, bit of a wait, but worth it.

Great people, atmosphere and coffee. Try the cold drip, it’s so good I’m seriously considering naming my first son Marlowe.

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    Used to be good, but no longer. Horrible coffee, flies buzzing around downstairs amongst the smoke from burning toast.

    So bad. Won’t be coming back.

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    Macchiato was alright.

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    Had a well crafted double espresso from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. $4.70 price tag nearly made me choke though, but these guys are a specialty coffee shop in the middle of town, so worth checking out.

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    Tasty coffee here. They have v60s and siphons on show, but I have never seen one used. I have asked for a v60 a couple of times, and last time they said they didn’t have gas for the bunsen burner, hehe. Anyway, the espresso is nice. There’s usually a si…