Deli Marco

1 Dickson Pl, Dickson ACT 2602, Australia
Average: 2.5 / 5 stars, based on 7 reviews.
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Generally decent coffee. Veneziano beans. Food is generic cafe style, but served with a smile. Not awesome, but good for a decent brunch in terms of food and drink. Completely unpretentious.

If you get that lovely, flamboyant lady you’ll have an amazing cup. If not, well… Take your chances.

Deli Marco has improved considerably in the last 6 months. My cappuccino was decent but a touch on the milky side. The melting moment biscuit I had was delicious!

Great coffee and friendly staff. Recommend the bacon and egg bagel if you’re after some breakfast.

Well not sure if it’s changed hands again since Max’s update but I had a pretty tasty flat white here today. Promptly delivered to my laid-back outdoor seating, caramely, creamy and temperature perfecto. Just what the morning needed after a few hours of overtime at work.

My macchiato had a little too much milk froth for my tastes, but at least they kept it separate from the layer of coffee. I did guiltily enjoy spooning it all up when I was done.

Plenty of seating at this café, though the indoor area is rather sterile. I picture this as the kind of place one visits when he has several ankle-biters and need a place to park the pram.

Having changed hands a number of times of the last couple of years Deli Marco has managed to maintain the lofty standards set by the original owner—a rather portly Italian man.

Not so any more. It’s still my café of choice when I head to Dickson, but I don’t feel the need to visit as often nowadays.

Update Nov 2010: I visited Deli Marco for the first time in a while today and was very, very disappointed. Sad to see one of the only places in Dickson with half-decent coffee disappear.

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    Don’t bother with the coffee. Something vacuum sealed in a container boat from Italy for the last 6 months (and no, not even Illy).

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