1/32-38 Townshend St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia
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Had a solid espresso and a Rueben for lunch, also $1 filter coffee on Fridays

Despite the initial struggle to order lunch that they hadn’t run out of an ingredient for, this was an otherwise superb coffee and food experience. Coffee that had delish caramel and dark chocolate tones. Chicken and tarragon roll where every component was highest quality. I’d add another star if they kept on top of their ingredient stock.

Some of the best coffee I’ve had, anywhere.

I tried the filter coffee (Kenyan beans) and was very impressed. It had a sweet fruitiness that you don’t get with espresso.

The barista was happy to show me his method of extracting the right flavour notes. If you want to broaden your coffee horizons, go to Lava when they are not too busy - you might learn something!

Good latte but a little on the cool side - I am like the three bears, always too hot, too cold, rarely just right!


Had some nice thick banana bread to go with it.

Pleasant vibe and just busy enough. Sad it’s not open between Xmas and New Year but I suppose everyone’s entitled to a holiday!

Good coffee, plenty of space and away from the madness of Woden town centre.

Tasty pour over, velvety flat white, simple and tasty bagel. Nice work.

A funky, new, and spacious cafe serving really top class brews. I had my first “Magic” here (in between a flat white and a piccolo) and I can commend it to you.

However, just as with their Weston cafe they need to learn a bit more about the hospitality trade. Those tables won’t clean themselves!

Lava easily strides to the top of the list of coffee-serving establishments in the Woden/Phillip area with its new, generously-sized quasi-warehouse space in Townshend Street. Chompy beans were rendered as a fine cappuccino - will be back for more of that.

The best coffee in Woden! Great environment with very good customer service. You know a place makes great coffee when you find it hard to go anywhere else for one - Lava makes that coffee.

Lava opened up in Phillip just a few weeks ago. I’ve always heard that the one in Weston has always served ‘descent’ coffee. After going to the Phillip store I am now keen to see if Weston serves the same top notch coffee.
I tried out a double-shot flat white and a flat white with my brother on a cold rainy day. The presentation was brilliant showing the true skill of the baristas pour. Best coffee I’ve ever had southside! These guys really know what they are doing. They just need to draw in the customers!

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