Jamaican Mist

47 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
Average: 1.5 / 5 stars, based on 2 reviews.
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I am not sure about their coffee but decided to try a butterscotch muffin from there today. All the muffins look fantastic.

I got it take away and went back to work.

When i was hungry decided to try it - only took one bit as it was as hard as a rock and i ended up spitting that out.

Never again will i try a muffin from here - and i paid $4.50 for the experience!

Deciding that i might contact them to let them know about this - i spent 30 mins trying to find a phone number, the only way of getting this was for a staff member from Woolworths who went to get it from one of the staff for me.

After calling the staff, i was told they arrive in the morning, they don’t know if it is every day - i am still waiting for a return call from the Manager - but i won’t hold my breath!

Occasionally, one drinks a latte so revolutionary and artistic as to beggar belief in reality itself. This was one such time. I have never had such exquisitely burnt milk and rust-flavoured sludge, which seemed an excellent approximation of the involuntary discharges from the festering pustules adorning the crotch of a lumbering inbred zombie. This cafe truly knows the Tao of awful coffee.

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    Pity I’m only visit…

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