Joe (the art of coffee)

425 Lexington Ave, Manhattan, NY 10174, USA
Average: 2.5 / 5 stars, based on 3 reviews.
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Went to 425 Lexington and all that was there was a Starbucks. :-(

Joe is practically an institution in New York, especially for those inclined to drink good coffee. I’ve frequented the Waverly Place location for years, and have rarely been disappointed. If you want ice coffee, be sure to request the “cold brew” (a little pricier). Otherwise, you’ll end up with the watered down version. Their single origin brews vary widely, and are almost always smooth, with very low acidity.

The West Village location is in close proximity to Washington Square Park, which makes for a great combination.

Decent machines, single origin blend and a very central location (inside Grand Central). One of the better coffees I’ve had in NYC - shows you just have to keep looking.

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  • Joe (the art of coffee)

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