Pilgrim Coffee

52 Argyle St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 11 reviews.
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Great coffee. Definitely dialed up the hipster.

Delicious food, delicious coffee! A great place to get a bite to eat while you’re exploring Hobart. Fast service, beautiful brass topped tables, and a friendly atmosphere made this place a pleasure to visit.

Coffee was excellent - which is what we are all here for. Food was a bit rubbish to tell you the truth - they have taken the hipster level to 14 and it hasn’t paid off.

A might fine coffee. open from 6:30 am weekdays, if you’re an out of towner looking for your daily coffee (or a local of course), highly recommended

Dat good.

Also, definitely open on Sundays.

Just superb. Really. Go here.

Proud Mary beans, excellent, friendly service and a fabulous space. “I had three coffees” good. Also they were playing Justice live when I came in

ALSO; the menu is fucking great.

An outpost of hipster across the road from Hobart’s larger hospitals, Pilgrim is one of those places where you know you’ll get a decent coffee as soon as you enter. Choice of blends to suit milk or black & my cappuccino was as rich, dense and satisfying as you’d hope for.

BTW, at 48 Argyle, not 52 Argyle Street.

Almost always good but occasionally you’ll catch a barista on shift who isn’t quite as good as the rest. To be fair even their worst is better than most Hobart offerings.


Won the Tasmanian Barista Championship in April 2012, too!

Great atmosphere; very funky little space. Quick and friendly service. Great coffee.

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    I am not sure about their coffee but decided to try a butterscotch muffin from there today. All the muffins look fantastic.

    I got it take away and went back to work.

    When i was hungry decided to try it - only took one bit as it was as hard as a …

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    Cosy friendly cafe. Great slow cooked lamb sandwich and corn fritters. Followed by a delicious creamy, mild flat white. Thoughtful staff too.

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    Nice coffee here and a good place to sit if you feel like being away from the (bustle of?) Hobart streets for a while.

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    Excellent little cafe. Just out of the way enough to be quiet, and good prompt service on a moderately busy day.

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    Pity I’m only visit…

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    Best coffee found in tas so far :-)

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    Great flat white. Nice strong flavour despite the monster of a cup.