good brother

24 Challis St, Dickson ACT 2602, Australia
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Dickson’s best cafe serves up excellent Campos coffee. A popular haunt for local workers. Offering excellent and unique homestyle cakes (those lamingtons!) and sandwiches, the Reuben is a favourite. Their bacon and egg roll is one of the consistently best in Canberra.

Well-made, good, reliable coffee, and the best in Dickson. They use Campos coffee, and you can buy the beans from them. $1 charge if paying by EFT-POS.

Never a dud. Long black is my poison and it’s always good. Can be a little strong once in a while. Very friendly staff with good service.

Coffee (espresso) is uually bang on the money, and their long blacks are worth the walk in the cold, but any coffee with milk can be hit or miss - Laurel thinks they’re always too strong.

Breakfast is also a good affair and we haven’t been disappointed yet. Try the French Toast with banana.

The coffee is good when it’s good but it can be hit and miss.

The coffee is good when it’s good but it can be hit and miss.

Great coffee and amongst the best bacon/egg rolls & muffins in Canberra.

“Best coffee in Dickson” isn’t much of a compliment, in fact it’s bordering on an insult. Not quite as derogatory as, say, best coffee in Kaleen, but not far off. Good Brother deserves much more credit, as their coffee is great, and still would be, no matter where you were drinking it.
Certainly the best coffee north of Girrawheen.

Easily the best coffee in Dickson. Campos supplied beans made well, though a little rougher than you’d get at Campos itself.

Best coffee at Dickson shops! Great brekkie a too.

It’s true. It’s good.

Great new place in Dickson. It is a little up and down on the consistency but that is at the upper end of the scale so overall a very good cafe. Certainly beats the rest of the Dickson cafes hands down.

Strong coffee, good milk, good temp. Little rough notes, but no bitterness. Great drop.

I was getting a takeaway, but the cups coming out had good quality milk pours- the rosettes were certainly up to scratch.

Nice deco, a welcome sight in Dickson. Decent quality beans, fried staff.

Excellent - best coffee in Dickson - consistently good flat whites - friendly service

Good latte - not too hot, not too strong, tasty to the last drop

Good to see these boys doing so well, excellent coffee, can’t comment on food yet.

Lovely spot, good coffee and croissant, surprisingly cheap for Dickson.

I’ve really been enjoying this place. Tasty rolls, love the sushi and of course great coffee! Staff are relaxed and friendly.
So nice to see a cafe near an office building actually trying to make decent coffee as opposed to churning out the status quo for the public servants!

Nice to see this space (previously occupied by a string of unremarkable cafés) fitted out with some personality and run with a focus on good coffee. Definitely the best you’ll find in Dickson.

Food options appear to be mostly gluten-based, sandwiches and some sweets.

Consistently good coffee, tasty sweet treats. Fit out is a bit cold, but sun drenched front table is a lovely spot to savour the morning coffee.

Jesper makes a marvelous piccolo w/ their house blend: ‘cracker’ (i think it’s roasted in Marrackville, NSW) They also rock a nice single origin ‘el Salvador’ which makes a great espresso ;)

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    24 Challis St, Dickson ACT 2602, Australia

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    Pretty good. Points off for attitude though.

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    Flat white had good flavour and texture

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    Average coffee but it’s drinkable if there’s nothing else open.

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    If you are specific with your coffee order, the coffee outcome is excellent. Their bacon and egg and roasted tomato Turkish bread is a divine way to start the day. The #earlyCBR opening is welcome.

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    The general bogan-ness of the crowd had me doubtful, but I was treated to a surprisingly decent espresso. If you’re in the caffeine-wasteland that is the Dickson Shops I’d give Sub Urban a go.

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    Generally decent coffee. Veneziano beans. Food is generic cafe style, but served with a smile. Not awesome, but good for a decent brunch in terms of food and drink. Completely unpretentious.