Glass House Café

10 Binara St, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 10 reviews.
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Fantastic service and a reliable spot to get a good coffee. Could be a tad stronger but they still make a good cup.

Latte had good flavour and texture but was a bit hot

nice strong coffee, friendly staff make a huge effort to get to know your name and coffee order :o)

Awesome coffee and friendly staff :-)
Will definitely keep going back

I’ve been here several times for their tasteless, milky coffee. No more.

Been here a couple of times soon after moving into the city for work, and won’t be returning unless someone schedules a meeting there (again). Both coffee and cafe lack personality … the former came out thin and too hot both times.

Hole in the wall version of the larger Glass House Cafe. Just one of those ok coffees. Does the business for the early morning caffeine hit but the long black tastes a bit one dimensional.

Popular with the local govt workers. Baristas seem to know many customers by name. Not sure that I liked the latte I ordered. Seemed acidic and not very smooth. But the service was fast and friendly and there was lots of room to sit down.

A bit of a souless public servant hangout—pretty sure I was the only person there not wearing a suit. The glass house bit is quite nice, but the inside feels like cafeteria not café.

Coffee was drinkable, though nothing to write home about.

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