As You Like It

Childers St & University Ave, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 8 reviews.
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I have read some stellar reviews about this cafe. People rave about the coffee and the coffee is good but not the orgasm inducing beverage others have described. I had chicken gnocchi and it was the wrong side of delicious. Quality gnocchi ruined by scant quantities of chicken, diced vegetables that might have been out of a tin or freezer bag, and a sauce that was almost flavourless.

The service was very poor: they forgot to add tea to the pot and when I asked about this I was sent back twice by the staff to check for a tea bag on the tray. By that stage I was less than impressed by the attitude of the staff and was told ‘it was only a tea bag’ - well a $4 teabag with apparently zero service. Not going back.

My go-to takeaway latte place for this part of town.

Good flat whites, fast service even though they were full and busy when we arrived. They do a range of interesting sandwiches and I had a really lovely lamb backstrap from the specials menu.

Pretty decent coffee at a pretty decent price. Friendly staff and a nice student discount made things all the more appealing. My cafe of choice during my undergraduate study at the ANU.

Despite never actually hearing of it referred to as ‘As You Like It’, this cafe (aka, Street Theatre Cafe) is pretty good. Definitely one of the best on the ANU campus.

Discounts for students and people who look like students.

It varys a little, but for the most part they deliver a good quality espresso. Bonus points for delicious food and hordes of cute undergrads.

I can always count on them to make a decent cappuccino. Plus their hazelnut lattes are always delicious!

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