The Cup and Spoon

382 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia
Average: 2.5 / 5 stars, based on 3 reviews.
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I have never walked into a cafe and experienced such rude and arrogant behavior from the owner. she was a woman in her late 30s to early 40s
First I ordered 2 coffees and a chai ,then I offered to pay with a $50 note, to make it easier I offered to pay the exact $13.50 because she was short of change, as I opened my wallet onto the counter she rudely told me to get my wallet off her sign??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? This idiot owner had a display of cakes and this stupid cheap sign with writing on grease proof paper right on the edge of the counter. I couldnt move to the left because a lady was next to me. if this idiot had at least taped the edges of her cheap ass sign then it wouldnt have got messed up. but since it was in the way, then how was it my fault??
Then this arrogant owner deliberately filled up my chai to half full, the froth was still 2 cm below the top of the cup. I simply asked politely can she please fill up my cup and the idiot thought she was smart and put my coffee in the wand with a bit of steam??? are you serious??
Then I got angry and told her to fill it up with milk not water. I told her to show some respect to paying customers who pay for her rent and wages by buying her products.
There were two other female asian baristas working there and i felt sorry for them because they at least had a smile on their face. . who ever this short little woman was in blondish sort of hair shouldnt be turning up to work or having a business.
I paid premium price for coffees and i certainly didnt expect this arrogant owner with a smug little arrogant look on her face to give me any cheek. she had no reason to in the first place. just because she has problems at home cus she had nothing the night before or turns up unhappy to work doesnt excuse her to take it out on her customers.
I hope you go broke and you will if you continue be as arrogant as you are
Next time treat your customers with respect!!

Good price, fast service. Very good coffee

Unbelievably good coffee, perfect for the morning wake up. The homemade cakes are beautiful (the carrot and walnut with thick cream cheese icing is a must!). The toasted deli sandwiches have lunch covered though for a treat the homemade quiches and pies are unbeatable. Half a star off only because she doesn’t have caramel syrup which I often enjoy in my laté though this shouldn’t perturb the coffee purist.

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    Agree with Tims review… A lovely coffee experience.

    Owner was pleasantly surprised and quite happy when I told him about Decaf Sucks and showed him the review.

    Will be buying more coffee from here instead of from Inglorious Jeans across the way :-)