Mercato Della Pasta

Japan, Tokyo Shibuya Ebisu 4丁目20−3
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This is an Italian restaurant in the Yebisu Garden Place, which we passed by on our way to the Tokyo Museum of Photography. They served us a delicious leche flan, but my espresso was a little thin and bitter (which is perhaps why an order of a macchiato can be a safer option in Japan). Lots of different teas available here for those who are that way inclined.

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  • Mercato Della Pasta

    Japan, Tokyo Shibuya Ebisu 4丁目20−3

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    Braddah Makdad! Good looking out!! but your rating for seating is outdated, son. We may have just installed new seating, but of course you wouldn’t know unless you came through. and… one other pretty big change.

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