Kaldi Espresso bar

240 City Walk, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.0 / 5 stars, based on 2 reviews.
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New owners since this was last reviewed, and apparently vastly improved. You can’t beat the prices of this tucked away gem, especially during 10am-11am happy hour where 8oz and 12oz cups are only $2.50. Expect a line if you go at this time, but they’re usually pretty quick.

There are a couple of little tables outside, and a couch indoors. The muffins are pretty good as well - $5.50 for any coffee and a muffin also isn’t a bad deal.

You get your best coffee if the girl is on the machine, but I’ve never had a bad cup here.

Its upstairs. Well made coffee how you ask for it. Variety of blends to choose from, quick service, just coffee - no food no chairs. Downside is paper cups only.

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  • Kaldi Espresso bar

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    Great flavor, good temp. The cafe is cool in a Brunswick Melbourne way. I’m totally going back there!!!

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    Used to rate it when the guy with tthe peiceings was behind the machine. Not suck a fan now! My new spot is just round the corner! Love it!

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    Downstairs at the Canberra Centre.

    Yup, service is vague - young people who are doing this while they’re at uni, perhaps. Ona beans are good. A lot of theatre when pouring and the results aren’t really worth the carry-on.

    They can’t do a soy latte…

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    Perfectly serviceable cappuccino, perhaps served slightly on the hot side.

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    Customer service goes a long way with me and this owner-barrister team at Oscars are real standouts.

    This hole in the wall is gorgeous and glamorous.

    If you’re lost, this place is at the doors to the Canberra centre off Ainslie Pl. Ask for a loyalty…