47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris, France
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Found this cafe on our first morning in Paris and loved it
Great coffee - Melbourne style latte in the middle of Paris
Small range of breakfast menu items but all terrific - enjoyed Bircher museli, eggs Benedict and pancakes with pear and dulce de leche.
Thoroughly recommend if you are looking for an alternative to typical Parian coffee and pastries.

I visited Coutume twice. The 1st time I had a V60, the second a siphon and brunch. It’s an expensive place, but the coffee is good. €7 for a siphon is pretty expensive in my books, but a V60 is just €3.50. A good thing is that they have a nice little bean menu and you can order more expensive beans without the price of the coffee changing. A good opportunity to try any out that you may want to purchase later. They only charged me €1 for a siphon brew when I bought a bag of nekisse beans along with it.

With turn-of-the-century style architecture and molding, unfinished drywall, and a giant cold brew contraption, it feels as if you may have stumbled into a chemistry lab on accident.

Alas, you are in the right place to have a fantastic cup of coffee. I highly recommend their drip coffee. They always have a huge selection, and Nick or Kevin, the only two baristas, would be more than happy to help you pick one out to your fancy.

One of the best things about their cafe is that they roast their own coffee in the back of the shop. If you dip back there, you can watch the roaster going, see the giant bags of beans, and get a sense for the amount of work that goes into each perfectly roasted cup. Coffee is number one priority here. Every saturday morning they have cupping sessions, where you can try different flavor profiles from around the world, meet and greet other coffee enthusiasts, and learn something new.

Tinkering and playing with syphons, fancy expresso machines, and cold brew contraptions, Coutume’s baristas have succeeded in mastering the chemistry of serving a perfectly roasted, balanced cup of coffee. Coutume is a coffee lover’s haven within the bleak Parisian coffee world.

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What a café, what a team. The friendly and hospitable folks at Coutume share a common, infectious passion for all things coffee. From painstakingly roasting their own beans—sourced from about ten different origins—to expertly employing a full suite of extraction methods (more on those soon), every measure is taken to achieve the best possible brew.

Espresso is made using the first Strada (La Marzocco’s flagship machine) to be sold in Paris, granting a heretofore unknown level of control to the barista. Such control is in worthy hands here. Additionally, someone has gone to great lengths to source the best available milk for macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes—you won’t find it in any Parisian supermarket, not even at the nearby Grande Epicerie—while the chocolate used in mochas and hot chocolate is sublime.

Another showpiece is the rather beautiful set-up for the 24-hour cold drip extraction. Reminiscent of some antique chemistry apparatus, it will grab your eye as you walk into the café. There are usually two single origin extractions to choose from. Served over ice, the cold brew is an ideal pick-me-up in the summertime.

Siphon coffee is prepared over a halogen beam heater which, in addition to providing better consistency of heat, happens to cast a spectacular red glow over the lower chamber. V60 is also available, and prepared with the same degree of precision and passion as any other item on the menu.

In some ways, the stuffy 7th arrondissement of Paris is an unusual location for this least Parisian of cafés. The walls are deliberately unfinished, the furniture Scandinavian. In keeping with Coutume’s scientific approach towards their work, water is served in Erlenmayer flasks, and in the disused sinks of a stainless steel workbench at the rear of the café, next to the PVC strip curtains that wall off the 12-kilogram Probat roaster, a pair of coffee plants are growing.

Some Saturday mornings, at about 11 o’clock, a free coffee cupping is held at this workbench. The concept is similar to a wine tasting, and makes for a fantastic educational experience. When it’s over, you’d do well to sit down and take in a stellar brunch (also available on Sundays; booking ahead is advisable on both days).

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