Mocan & Green Grout

19 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 21 reviews.
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This is my goto cafe. I love this place and highly recommend it. Great coffee and food topped with friendly service.

Pretty good coffee! Nothing to complain about, perfectly acceptable strong flat white, didn’t scream personality, but that’s cool, neither do I. Great little place with an energetic buzz. Wish I had more coffee there to be honest.

They did it again. Consistently serving up creamy strong flat whites. Will have to try the food next.

Long black is my usual cup of coffee at any place. This place does it well, or at least just the way I like it - hot but not scorching hot, smooth, and without the acidic aftertaste. I’ll be back again.

Best cafe in Canberra in my opinion! Fantastic coffee (has improved since last visit 6 months ago), scrumptious food, absolutley stunning fitout and humble, unpretentious service. Is there anything these hipsters can’t do??

So if you come on a weekend or late in the afternoon you’ll miss the owner. If you miss the owner, you miss out on the 4.5 star coffee everyone (including me) has raved about.

Hole in the wall has grown, but coffee is still pound out in a fine way, on a Sunday too!

Excellent coffee. Great location. Took a long and noisy time to get the interior area up and running, luckily sitting outside in the sun is sensational. The inside (now open) is cosy and has a great atmosphere.

Utterly gobsmacking. Imagine drinking the best coffee of your life in a close friends kitchen. That’s how this place feels.

Very lovely flat whites and pastries from a hole in the wall, extra points awarded for the artistically scruffy bohemian 20-somethings and the guitarist.

I’ve actually driven from the other side of the city where I work, just for the coffee… Expresso wasn’t quite hot enough but Cappuccino was excellent.

Great coffees and prompt drinks service; fantastic to have such a good option in this area on a Sunday especially. There is a limited food menu, but at busy periods even bagels are very slow to come out - order only if you’re in a two-coffee mood.

Update: unfortunately Mocan has become an Old Grey Mare, and I couldn’t agree with Claire Roberts more about weekends and after 2pm.
Still good, but no longer one of Canberra’s best.

Fabulous coffee, fabulous people, I’d love this to be my local. They did my preferred doppio ristretto to a tee.

Excellent coffee from a very cool hole in the wall in New Acton

I think I’ve found my new preferred cafe.

Brilliant coffee! The flavour on this one here is nice and strong, perhaps owing to taking closer to 40ml than 30ml of a doppio ristretto. A brilliant blend with a distinct lingering taste.

Funky decor and staff. Very friendly and happy to chat about their product (they are certainly passionate about it).

About 6km from my office but that won’t stop me from coming back!

5 stars.

Not just the good coffee - its open after 4pm on Saturday and the service is unique! Love it.

It really is a good thing when the barista steps out to offer you 2 different espresso’s and asks you for your preferred shot…

These guys really do care about making superb coffee and the bottomless portafilters on their La Marzocco ensure the fattest, creamiest crema you’ve ever had ;)

Go there. They are awesome. Boom!

This new Canberra café is the most stylish, lavishly built hole-in-a-wall I’ve seen. Thankfully, their coffee matches their fit-out. Strong and rich, and clearly made with a lot of care.

On a sunny day, it’s great to sit outside around the raised garden bed and take in the lovely New Acton surrounds.

Right now, they serve coffee only, but I’m told there will be some food offerings to come.

Definitely worth checking out!

Deliciously strong and smooth coffee. Open seven days. (Bless them for being open on a Sunday when good coffee is so hard to find!)

They don’t serve any food and it’s very hole-in-the-wall. So it’s best visited when you’re on the run. They’ve only been open for a week so the food thing may change.

Funky hole in the wall serving smooth, rich espresso.

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