The Glasshouse Express

1/221 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 15 reviews.
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Takeaway double flat white. Strength was okay but stale beans a little over extracted (didnt see brand) and not well steamed milk.

The only bad thing about the coffee here is I don’t have to leave the building to get a good one…!

The many 5-star reviews for Glasshouse Express (or whatever it will be called), are clearly milk-tub drinkers. The espresso is basically undrinkable. Nice sandwiches though.

With my new job, this is the closest decent café to me. They’re yet to learn how I like my coffee drawn - long black, but with minimal water top-up so as not to drown the crema or dilute the shot.

When they get that right, it’ll be a 4/5. Until then, no more than average.

Fantastic coffee - love it

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, there really is no other place to go. They carefully grind the coffee depending on the weather and every cup is made to perfection, we are not talking about ordinary coffee beans you find everywhere else in Canberra, these are specially imported for our enjoyment. The staff there are friendly and fast paced. I’ve never seen so many people in that area of the city before, people are attracted to coffee places and the wide spread of amazing word of mouth brings more and more people into that hidden treasure located right in the city. Keep up the good work guys.

Best coffee in Civic - no, make that Canberra! What did we do before Charlie and Jase opened GHE? Friendly, fast and v good - as well as a great brew, they know their customers by name and Kerri knows how to keep the customers moving so no long waits even when the line is out the door! Love ya work!

Talented People at the Glasshouse! Well worth the visit.

Service with a smile, quick, convenient and always great coffee!!!

Want to start your day off with a bang? Then head on down to the Glasshouse Express where the vibrant atmosphere kicks in before the caffeine does.
You will be served coffee that awakens the taste buds, finding it hard not to finish the brewed beverage the very instant you take that first sip.
The decor is very welcoming with a recently updated painting making a nice back drop.
It’s nestled in nicely at 221 London circuit.

Very nice cafe, good coffee, fast service and friendly staff.

Consistently good coffee. Very friendly too, which is nice.

Amazing coffee. Amazing service! Best coffee in Canberra. :)

Consistently bland coffee, avoid.

Small, modern-feeling café with some pleasant outdoor tables facing the trees nestled in the courtyard at the bottom of 221 London Circuit. My double macchiato was pretty decent, and came with a nice little cookie.

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