Silo Bakery

36 Giles St, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia
Average: 2.5 / 5 stars, based on 11 reviews.
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The enjoyment of your experience here is inversely proportional to the number of other people jammed into this little place. Mid-week, post rush-hour you will get a reasonable coffee, tasty baked goods and a nice vibe. The staff might even crack a smile. If, however, you make the trip during a busy period - say Saturday morning - you might just be better off stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork. Orders are rushed, you’ll be wedged in against the wall and your fellow peak hour guests and the staff take on a demeanor somewhere between stone-faced indifference and cranky baboon. Coffee is normally passable - as long as you can handle the zoo. Closed Sun and Mon.

I went here once. Never again. Coffee was forgettable, staff were not just snooty, but downright rude and I felt that I should’ve been grateful that I’d been allowed to enter their establishment. I certainly was made to feel that I’m not the right sort of person. I’m happy to leave this joint to the pretentious set.

I agree with other reviewers re the surly staff with attitude issues. Food is good, coffees not bad but the staff ruin the experience. Never going back. Never.

Great bread & pastries! But that’s where this review goes down :/ cranky service, under-extracted coffee & over-the-top cheese prices (try Mart Deli @ Fyshwick Markets - bigger range & well cheaper)

Good flat whites today, quite strong. Really fantastic range of cakes and pastries, and nice breakfast options (variations on cafe standards).

Always, and still, my benchmark for good cappuccino. And pain au chocolat! Not quite 10 though, because sometimes you inexplicably get a wooden paddle pop stick rather than a teaspoon.
Staff are friendly & helpful - I think rumours to the contrary are only put about to keep the thronging crowds down - there are days (esp. Saturdays) where getting a seat is a challenge.

New barrista. Took ages and when I finally got my long machiatto it was a flat white?! Spewing cause the guy who normally makes coffee there served me and he’s a total champion :(

Silo’s double espresso’s are workable, but not brilliant.

Amazing pain au chocolat, warm and busy atmosphere inside, but unpleasant beans and surly wait-staff left me reluctant to return.

Where Cornucopia fails, Silo excels. Kickass bread and pastries backed up by creamy coffee—make sure you make the old Italian guy make it for you.

On top of having awesome crème brulées and great bread, Silo serves a very wicked cappuccino. Nice and frothy and quite sweet. Delicious.

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