Jackson Dodds

621 Gilbert Rd, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia
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A cute little neighbourhood place that aligns perfectly with the Melbourne café stereotype. A little industrial, a little hipster-y but with delicious breakfast bits and lovely smooth espresso.

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  • Jackson Dodds

    621 Gilbert Rd, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia

  • Cheshire

    583 Gilbert Rd, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

    Nice place, good atmosphere, service, coffee and food. Will definitely come back here again :)

  • Pomona Cafe

    476 Murray Rd, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

    Smooth. Creamy. Nutty. Delicious coffee. I’ve said it before, it’s difficult to fault a Max Wheeler recommendation (this one was pretty easy for him given that it’s out the back of his place). Food was excellent, service friendly, neat garden out the ba…

  • Lady Bower Café

    1A Marchant Ave, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia

    I thought I’d step in and referee the two previous posts, so here goes:
    As I get ready to blow the whistle on the play, I give the ball to Max.
    The coffee is very smooth and creamy and easy to drink, although it could have been a tad stronger.
    I was a …

  • Boundary Espresso

    107 Plenty Rd, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

    So many questions. Why has this cafe only been reviewed by @maxwheeler? Do you need anyone else’s review? If a hipster trips on the pavement was it intentionally ironic? Answers will be found in this funky little cafe. Flat white was excellent.

  • Fu Manchu

    2 Gilbert Road, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

    Generous servings of delicious Asian-style breakfast foodstuff pared with decent though not spectacular coffee.

  • Pearl Oyster

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    Excellent cafe. I’ll never forget the chili ham.