Urban Food

23 Marcus Clarke St, City ACT 2601, Australia
Average: 2.0 / 5 stars, based on 10 reviews.
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Good macchiato. No problem with service as mentioned by other reviewers.

25 mins and I have my weak cap and I’m still waiting for my roll
FYI: only place that charges almost $10 for a fist sized roll

Bit of an ordinary coffee but the setting was pretty relaxing & food well prepared & tasty. Service though was a bit of a let down. Never thought that a smile was that difficult to produce.

Really nice coffee today! (Maybe I’m just lucky? This was a flat white.) Looks like they’ve changed to Ona beans now, which they also have on sale.

The food seems a little bit $$ and pretentious for what it is. Lunchtime DJ is very cool, but noone else is paying any attention to him or clapping! (Insert rant about people being used to disposable music here!)

The food was usually marvellous, if a bit expensive. Their pies had wonderful chunks of tender meat and vegetables combined with innovative flavour combinations. Various “tarts” were often on the menu too including a sumptuous Chicken and Brie combination.
Unfortunately, something happened to the coffee and despite a few more chances, it’s remained poor. It went from having a bold and clean flavour to a muddy, earthy and stale flavour.
If you don’t mind lunch or a snack without a coffee, then they have some wonderful food to try.

Not bad coffee but the food is poor for the price. E.g. this morning - scrambled eggs + bacon + tomato + avocado (no toast) and a strong latté $31.40, and the bacon was undercooked, chewy and dry. And the free wifi doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Organic café with quite drinkable but very expensive coffee. A double macchiato cost me $4.40. Otherwise, some quite nice food and pleasant atmosphere.

Urban Food use organic coffee, which is wonderful; or rather it would be wonderful if it tasted good and wasn’t so expensive.

If you’re charging close to $4 for a short black it had better be bloody amazing.

Drinkable long black. Looks good but one dimensional in its flavour. Organic cafe and supermarket that serves the worlds largest sausage roll for the hippy meat eater.

Doppio looked good in the Duralex glass (hot to hold!), nice crema, a little gritty. Sacred Grounds beans are kinda yucky. Different beans pls.

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    Nice long black and the food’s okay but *very* sluggish service offset by the lovely courtyard.

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    This is my goto cafe. I love this place and highly recommend it. Great coffee and food topped with friendly service.

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    Liked the food as well.

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    Must agree with a few other posters here I feel it is inconsistent: I have had some decent coffee here but then other times it is very milky and I suspect burnt?

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    Great friendly staff, tasty coffee and even a hug when you need one!