Dojo Bread

91 Wallace St, Braidwood NSW 2622, Australia
Average: 4.0 / 5 stars, based on 5 reviews.
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Finally made it here, and this place definitely lived up to expectations. Charming little shopfront, friendly staff, tasty pain-au-chocolat and a well made coffee to accompany it all.

I could sit in here all day smelling the fresh bread smells. Totally intoxicating.
Aside from the baked goods being absolutely delicious, the coffee was also fantastic. My flat white had a very unique flavour (good unique, not bad unique). Unfortunately I arrived right on closing time, so I didn’t get to ask all the questions I will be asking next time I’m in Braidwood.
Open 8am-1pm, 7 days a week, according to the sign out front; though the website says closed on Sundays in winter.
Enter from the laneway behind the pizza joint.

Great little coffee shop with a great bunch of friendly staff. Coffee very nice. Their pies are amazing - so get them before they run out…

Surprising find off Braidwood’s main street. Excellent cappuccino & bread worth taking home!

Tucked away behind the pizzeria on the main street of Braidwood, this is a good honest bakery that’s clearly serious about its bread: they also have scrumptious mini-pizzas, some good-looking biscuits and not-bad-at-all coffee. The tiny, ancient shopfront is noisy and friendly. I suspect the bean blend is oriented more towards milky coffees than espressi: in any case it’s an experience not to be missed.

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    Best to only visit Braidwood Bakery once, just because of it’s iconic status. The crowds of people, crying kids and average coffee don’t do it for me. At least the baked goods are pretty good, but there are plenty of better places in town.
    The map isn’…

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    Outstanding use of Lonsdale Street Roasters coffee. Excellent cafe food with eclectic restaurant style twists. I understand that local produce is used as widely as possible.

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    Loving the coffee with good mates and awesome management. Could not ask for a better place for extremely good coffee. A must do for caffeine lovers. Do not pass through with out one, or two ;)