We hate bad coffee. We hate the way it tastes, the way it smells, and most of all we hate forking over hard earned cash for a poorly made espresso. Decaf Sucks is about helping each other to find the good cafés and avoid the bad ones.

We’re hoping that you’ll help us make it a useful tool for finding the perfect espresso wherever you are.

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This site is made with love and care by the folks at Icelab, a small studio in Canberra with a team of problem solvers who want to help you design better (and drink better coffee).

Icelab: A design studio in canberra

Decaf Sucks was originally built by Tim Riley, Max Wheeler and Hugh Evans over a single weekend for the 2009 Rails Rumble.

The cute bird on the Twitter-auth page comes courtesy of Pasquale D’Silva.